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  • Coast Foundry Ballcock

    Has anyone had any experience with the Coast Foundry 1B1 Master Ballcock, and specifically experienced it being cheaply made or being recalled by Coast Foundry? How long are these things supposed to last? I keep running into problems with this product...trigger breaking at the rivet, etc. Any thoughts about this product?

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    don't know about the 1b1 being recalled. but the 1b1x that was used in the kohler rialto 1 pc. toilets was junk. (so was the toilet). the rivet that you referred to is the pivot on the lever that closes the ballcock. i have found that the plastic lever is what breaks on the ballcock and will cause the toilet to continue filling. this will overflow the toilet faster than the overflow can handle it.

    kohler did replace the ballcock with a retrofit cap assy. it is a brass arm and it also came with a high flow flush valve overflow assy. this was offered a discount, not free. the newer complete ballcock assy is now all brass including the shank.

    very few ball and cocks are being used today on the new low flow toilets. the major manufactors are using the fluidmaster and the hunter ballcocks.

    kohler and american standard both flopped at an attempt to design and build their own ballcocks. they now use fluidmasters. toto uses a hunter ballcock.

    phoebe it is