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NO WATER Entering house?!?!?

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  • NO WATER Entering house?!?!?

    My parents house has no water coming into the house. The water just randomly stopped working. They called the water company and they came out and said that water was getting to the meter. I then went in thinking the pressure regulator where the water comes into the house might have went bad or got plogged. I opened it up and then tried turning the water back on to see if water was getting to the pressure regulator and nothing came out but a little trickle. I am completely stumped on this one. The meter is not reading any water coming through so i know there is not a busted pipe. Something has went wrong between the water meter and the pressure regulator. Anyone have any ideas becuase i dont. HAHA Thanks!!
    RYan Varga

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    my opinion is that you have a broken gate valve in the off position. i've even seen broken ball valves that appeared to work, but they too were broken.

    verify the shut off valve does operate. see if there is any connection before the shut off that you can check.

    there is a chance that the meter is broken. i once had a bad meter that didn't allow much water through.

    phoebe it is


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      A) Yes there really is water at the pipe i saw the guy actually pull water at the meter.

      B) There is only one valve before the meter which is the in house main shutoff totally open

      c) No there is nothing between the main shutoff and the pressure regulator besides the shutoff valve inside the house right before the regulator.

      d)Possibly it is a clogged pipe.

      E) I didnt ask for you to call me a liar ALLAN THE SO CALLED TOOL GUY. Do you think I just decided to make up a question like that? Are you sure you really are a tool guy? Because it sound more like you are the Tool Idiot!

      Plumber Rick

      Thanks for the reply. That sounds like it could be one of those two things. I took the regulator off and tried to let water out of the pipe and i didnot think to check and see if the valve was completely opened. I will let you know what the problem is as soon as i get it fixed. Thanks!
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      RYan Varga


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        ryan v

        Please let us know what the problem was. We can all learn something from this. good luck toolaholic
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          Have you undone the pipe on the house side of the meter to see if water is getting through the meter?
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            Old Gal. Pipe perhapse?

            Is it possible that the main is a Gal. pipe which has become lodged with mineral deposits? When the city had to move my meter they reconnected it with 1" PVC and then tied to the original Gal. pipe coming into the house. When that nice clean 1" column of water hit the 50 year old corroded pipes I ended up with only a trickle making it through to the house...

            I ended up having to trench out 25 feet of old Gal. pipe and replace it with new PVC. Fixed the problem and greatly improved the water flow into the house.

            Good Luck!

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