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Pipe Thawing?

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  • Pipe Thawing?

    I have a few questions, first just let me say that I have never done this nor will do this. I have an older welding machine that has settings for pipe thawing. I know in the old days people used arc welders to thaw pipes. In theory it sounds great using the resistance of the pipe to make heat and melt the ice. I have jutst heard horror stories of the plumber that called the weldor to thaw some pipes, and the neighbours house burnt down. Does any one still use welding machines to thaw pipes? How are the new dedicated thawing machines different.? Thanks, John.

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    I can't help you here. I live in the warm and sunny part of Southern California. It's about an hours drive from my house to even get to snow, and I have no intention of working on plumbing in those conditions.
    the dog


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      john, there was a very good, detailed post on this site and on a welding site that "toolaholic" had mentioned in the past. i read it and like dog said, i too am in sunny s.calif. it's going to be in the 80's today

      phoebe it is


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        pipe thawing up in canada eh.

        The company I worked for in the past had a very old pipe thawing maichine. Even at it age it worked very well. I too have herd the same storys of other houses burning. We get to -35 C in winter, some years are badder than others. Adout 10 years ago at my perants house I could hire arcing and looked for the noise only to find the ground clamp loose, some one in the area must have bin thawing pipes in that area. I worked in one freeze up of a 20 story building the first 11 floors were frozen solid. We were there for monthes. Fun to live in canada eh!



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          That's an interesting concept. What happens to the electrical in the house when grounding straps are attached to the water lines?