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  • R2600 Palm Sander


    I was looking for some feedback concerning the R2600 palm sander.

    I am considering buying this model and would like to hear the pros and cons from anyone that owns one already.
    One question do I have, is there a base available for the adhesive backed discs?


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    I don't own the Ridgid but check the accessories offered by DeWalt and Porter-Cable for a similar model. Some should work with it. I have a 3 x 24 belt sander and 1/4 sheet orbital. I'm not much for random orbital sanders, but some people really love them. Makita has some nice sanders so you might want to look at several brands. Check out Bosch too. The Milwaukee sanders other than their 1/2 sheet orbital aren't all that great. Their belt sanders are made well but just don't feel right in my hands. Their random orbital sanders and their 1/4 sheet orbitals are made under contract. The 1/2 sheet and belt sanders were real Milwaukee, but things are always changing. If you like the Ridgid, buy one, and try it. Home Depot is good about returns. Just be sure to clean it up well and replace any sandpaper you might use testing it a little.


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      I bought the 2600 yesterday to sand the paint off of an old dresser i am refinishing, I did about 1-1.5 hours of sanding and I can say I definitely like the unit. My hand was not numb after all that time. The adhesive backing base is included in the case with the tool. I considered buying the 2611, but it is twice as heavy as well as twice as expensive. Of course the trick with any sander is to use good quality sandpaper to get the most of it.