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Need recommendations for post-Katrina workshop

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  • Need recommendations for post-Katrina workshop

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and would like some recommendations for a table saw, a miter saw, and a shop vac that will double as a dust collector. After Katrina, I'm having to replace everything and using this opportunity to finally get back into woodworking. I currently have a small workshop 13' x 19' that I will mainly be working out of until we can build a larger one. I'm looking to make some office furniture, bookshelves, cabinets, etc. I got a pretty good deal on a new Bosch 4000-09 that I picked up the other day at Lowe's and it is still in the box waiting for the weekend but right now I'm second guessing that decision because I don't know if it's hefty enough or accurate enough for the projects I plan on making. While the collapsible stand may be great, the one on display at another Lowe's appears to have some give to it and after looking at it and comparing it to the TS2400 stand I think I know why. The Bosch is more like a single pedastal stand while the Ridgid is a 4 legged table. As for a miter saw, I'm leaning towards the Bosch 10" SCMS or a recon Ridgid 12" SCMS and the Ridgid portable MSUV for which ever one I get. As for the shop vac, don't have a clue. Any insight, experience you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Grayblud,

    Welcome aboard, and I hope your rebuilding is as smooth as possible.

    I have the Ridgid TS2400 and can't recommend it enough. The Bosch was a finalist, but what really put me over the top was:

    The fence on the Ridgid (tracks smoother and is simply a better design).
    The stand, for reasons you mentioned.
    The glowing reviews on here in reference to its accuracy (just make sure you change out the stock blade with a nice Freud or Forrest).
    Getting my hands on a Home Depot 10% off coupon (just sign up for their moving services and you can use it on your entire purchase).
    Lifetime Service Agreement (Bosch can't compete with this). Ridgid will fix anything that fails under normal wear for the life of the tool (pretty damn cool).

    As for Miter Saws, I have the Makita LS1214L and couldn't ask for a better CSMS for these reasons:

    The stock blade is awesome, and the cuts are accurate and clean as can be.
    The design of the sliders kicks butt, as when not in use, they hide under the fence/base, making this saw the most friendly for small work spaces, without sacrificing cutting capacity (they make similar saws with other options like the LS1214, LS1214F, LS1214FL, etc. and they make a 10" version of all)
    The base is large compared to the Bosch, Dewalt, and provides a ton of stability when butting stock up against the fence.
    Quiet and smooth.
    You will be happy with the Makita or Bosch, they both rank high in all of the Publications' reviews (usually 1 and 2)

    The MSUV is a good stand for a miter saw, and also has the lifetime service coverage (think it's still on sale for 149, and if you get a coupon you can save some cash).

    And finally, I have the Porter Cable 7812, Drywall/Tool-Start sawdust vac. It's so quiet and really captures like 99.85% of fine matter. I bought it for drywall dust (which it does an incredible job on) and have recently used it for my ts and ms.

    Just my 2 cents.....good luck!


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      Thanks CMW. I've also been taking a hard look at the Makita miter saws, just concerned with the low right fence but I could always put on a temp fence if I needed it. Where did you get the PC vac? It sounds just like what I need because I have some sheetrock work to do on our new place. Also, how is the TS2400 for ripping?


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        Here is one source for that PC vac. And it's quite a deal too, you'll save $670.74 off of the List Price.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          I have the TS2400LS and really love how well it performs but if you already have the Bosch 4000 I wouldn't necessarily go about taking it back. Reviews usually put them both neck and neck. The Bosch is praised for its accuracy and has a better splitter and guard design. I don't know about the stability of the Bosch stand but that is definately an advantage on the Ridgid's work-n-haul cart. Its quite sturdy and firm when opened up.
          I also have the 10" LS1013FL version of the Makita miter saw and that would easily be my top pick. Its got the best sliding mechanism, a large turn table, and a usable adjustable laser. Its also lighter and more portable. The fence is not the highest but they do make a bunch of add on accessories to make it taller and other options. One big plus is it comes with a high end finr finish blade thats as good as anything else out there. That will save you money since the first thing you'll likely have to do with any otehr miter saw is buy a real blade for it.
          As far as dust collection I just use a 3.5hp Ridgid vac hooked up to the table saw and it picks up a good 90% of the dust on most types of cuts.


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            I have the Bosch 4000 with the gravity rise stand. The gravity stand is a brilliant design, but if you're only ever using it a workshop situation and not carting it around too much, that stand may not be worth the extra money to you. The saw is a great performer, all controls are smooth, the fence is awesome. The motor is smooth, it almost sounds like an induction motor design actually. The soft-start is a nice feature because there's no kick when you power it up.

            I've heard good things about the Ridgid tablesaw too, but never used it personally.


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              The Ridgid also has a soft start but is fairly noisy at full speed. There's a review that tested the noise levels, I'll try to find it, but if I remember the numbers the Bosch was the quietest at 88 decibels while the Ridgid was fairly noisier at ~130.


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                Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
                Here is one source for that PC vac. And it's quite a deal too, you'll save $670.74 off of the List Price.


                Thanks for covering my laziness

                That's exactly where I purchased it.


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                  Thanks for all the input, quite a lot to consider, especially that vac. As for the saw, I may have run into another sweet deal. A coworker has some old craftsman power tools (about 15 years old) and in very good condition: a 1-1/2 HP contractor saw with cast iron top and extensions, two 6-1/8" planers, and a radial arm saw that I may be able to pickup for a song and dance. He was thinking on saving them for his son who doesn't appear interested in them so, he's going to double-check and let me know so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. As for the Bosch, it's definately going back and I will probably look at getting the new 2HP hybrid/cabinet saw that Grizzly has for $695 or one of their 1023 models and keep it in the garage vs my current small shop. Just didn't want the hassle of having to coordinate with the freight company for pickup. Another coworker has the 12" Ridgid CMS and loves it so, I still have a big decision to make there, especially with Ridgid's LTW. If the craftsman RAM saw comes my way then I'll look at just a plain old 10" or 12" CMS vs the slider.

                  So, does anyone have any suggestions for a drill press and a planer? I'm leaning towards DELTA on both of these