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  • Reviews on R888 Hand planer

    Does anyone here have any comments on the R888 hand planer. I am considering one for when I am mounting small cabinets. Namely, in a DYI environment. I am leaning towards this one because it will be free with my mail in rebate.

    thanks in advance for your response.

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    I went to HD to buy a hand planer and decided on the Bosch, but of course they didn't have it in stock. So, I bought they only one they had in stock, the Ryobi.
    It planes flat and and went through hardwood easily. It has 2 negative IMO:
    1. The dust port leaks, which makes a mess.
    2. The minimum removal is 1/32", which is way too much for anything but edge work. I dont care what the manual or the markings on the tool say, it removes no less than 1/32".
    I will be returning it and hopefully they will have a bosch or ridgid, I'll let you know how those are if they have one in stock.