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    Guys I just bought some pneumatic nailers this week. I bought the 3pc trim and finish combo pack (straight finish nailer, brad nailer and a 9.6v driver) along with a round head framing nailer. I haven't posted much lately but I read these topics regularly and many of you have been talking about the nailers and the pros and cons of each but there is one thing that I haven't seen and frankly just don't understand, the additional warranty that Home Depot tries to sell you on these items. While at HD last night, the associate who had to scale up the mountain to retrieve my framing nailer, decided to tell me about the additional warranty for $25. I reminded him of the LSA and he proceeded to tell me there was no such thing that there was only a three year warranty. Well, first of all I knew that wasn't true and I even pointed that out to him on the sale card behind the demo. To get to the point, I know that this is a SERVICE agreement and not a warranty but is there any need for such an extended warranty for an extra $25? I have just started buying Ridgid tools this year and I have accumulated quite a collection to this point (10 pieces) and this is largely due to the LSA. I have upgraded nearly all of my tools (not all Ridgid I do shop around) to heavier duty items in hoping that I will not have to buy another one any time soon. Is my understanding the LSA correct or have I missed something. Any insight/foresight that could be shed on these warranties or my lack of understanding would be appreciated.


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    I have never been asked this question at HD. I bought the 3pc trim & finish pack about 2 weeks ago (on sale here for $179) and was not asked about an extended warranty. I bought also bought a Porter Cable framing nailer a couple of months ago and was not asked about a warranty. Perhaps it is a location thing? Or maybe I just had some lazier associates? I haven't seen any sinage on it either. My understanding is similar to yours Kevin and I would not see the need to purchase an extended warranty, unless it would cover any items as the LSA only covers normal wear and tear?
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      The way I understand it, it's kind of a crap shoot. If you purchase this from HD and have a problem with your purchase during the life span of the agreement, HD will simply give you a brand new replacement tool.

      You wouldn't have to worry about taking it to a service center and waiting for it to be repaired. For a contractor or anyone else who doesn't want any down time this is probably a good deal. Because I don't use my tools everyday to make a living, I'd consider it a waste of money.
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        When I started buying all my Ridgid tools I thought what a waste of money also. Then when it was explained better to me the warranty is good for 1 year after the manufacturers warranrty ends. With ridgid this means lifetime. So I bought the extra warranty on all the higher priced tools. About 2 monthe ago it paid off, The sawzall on my 4 piece set stopped working. I bought his set back in 2001. I took in back to H.D. with the other pieces. When I bought this set it was 499.00. H.D. did not have any 4piece sets in stock since they were on sale. So, they refunded my money (499.00) and I was able to go buy the new 18v 5 piece set for 399.99 and had extra money left over for another extra warranty on this set. I could have taken the sawzall in for repair under the lifetime warranty. But, now I have all new tools and saved some money in the long run.
        As a side note - Yes I have used the LSA for battery chargers and for drills and have had positive results also.


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          Back to Home Depot

          After buying these new nailers and using them for a couple of weeks, I must say they work great. I never knew how many nails I actually went through until I had to start sliding sleeves of nails through all of the time. However, I can drive a 16 now with one blow!!!!! Anyway, for anybody who happened to buy the 3 piece finish and trim combo, Home Depot has placed it on sale (at least down here is Georgia.) When I bought it I paid $239 it is now priced at $198. So, back to Home Depot I go to get my refund. However, I probably give right back to them. The router is finally on sale for $169. I wish their prices were a little more consistent. I need to find a coupon though. Does anybody have a 10%+ coupon that I can print out?


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            Simply DON'T BUY from Home Depot

            Originally posted by Kev Dog View Post
            While at HD last night, the associate who had to scale up the mountain to retrieve my framing nailer, decided to tell me about the additional warranty for $25. I reminded him of the LSA and he proceeded to tell me there was no such thing that there was only a three year warranty.
            Thanks, Kevin
            I have lived through the extended warranties offered at Home Depot and I have tested the so called Ridgid Lifetime Warranty they offer. Firsts let me fit in that I like Ridgid tools and they are part of my equipment. There was a time when Home Depot actually stood behind all there products but not any more. According to the Northwest Sales and Marketing Managers the Ridgid warranty program was a test in retail sales promotion. Ridgid was told one thing and Home Depot had a hidden agenda. Years ago you could get fair advice from a Home Depot associate because these people were retired or semi retired from jobs that actually use the equipment. Today Home Depot is just happy if they can hire a minimum wage "Sales Associate" that can hold a hammer. Moral of the paragraph above is to get your information about tools elsewhere and read the fine print on any Home Depot/ Ridgid warranties that are not offered elsewhere or exclusive to Home Depot. Even if the fine print says one thing Home Depot reserves the right to say no and in mine and others experiences they have said no many times over.
            I do have a set of another brand of nailers so I withhold my experience with Ridgid Nailers because I have logged less ten 200 hours with a Ridgid Finishing Nailer. Unfortunately it seems I have logged more hours trying to get what I was promised with Home Depot offers with Ridgid products and other warranties. Home Depot is not one of the largest hardware stores because they replace old tools for new every time they break. I had more then one experience with this so called customer friendly company. Save yourself the aggravation and drive the extra few blocks to another Ridgid dealer or buy online.

            I brought back my Ridgid cordless drill with receipt in hand after 45 days of use. I had purchased the extended warranty and had paper work regarding the Ridgid lifetime that Home Depot pushed on me like a team of car salesman. In all honesty I had used the drill 5 times for a total of 14 hours and it had blown the main bearing. (This happens to all brands on occasion) A series of kids ranging from 17 to 24 would come to the customer service counter and the range of comments would be accusing me of misuse to “don’t buy Ridgid.” I only have 3 other cordless drills I have had for years and it is difficult to misuse an 18 volt drill simply by drilling holes in ¼ inch soft wood. After 45 minutes the manager came up and straight out told me that they will not honor the warranty nor will they be replacing the drill.
            I had gone to different forums and found out this is standard practice with Home Depot. Of course Ridgid diagnosed the problem and sent me a new drill within 7 days.
            Like I said this is only one experience with Ridgid at Home Depot and I do have two more stories that turned out with Home Depot not adhering to there own warranties. I highly recommend buying any tool or product from anywhere other then Home Depot. I can fill this forum with nightmare Home Depot experiences but I think I drove my point home. Good luck and hope you enjoy your nailers.
            Why shop at Home Depot when all you do is pay more due to overhead. Take the time to build a relationship with a supplier in your area and learn what real service, savings and satisfaction is really about.
            A tool in my workshop means more to me when I know I bought it at a great value.


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              The life time wtty on Ridgid hand tools and air is 3years the only lifetime wtty is for tools bought in late 2003 and before 2003 bench top made by emerson. There are a few tools and specials with the lifetime wtty but make damn sure it says that in the owners manual. I can not speak for Home Depot but I don't think they do wttys inhouse as they refer a lot of cust's to me for wtty work.


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                Kev, I don't have a home depot coupon, but here's a lowes coupon for $10 off a 50 purchase.


                also, did you register all of your tools for the LSA?

                i think the orange aprons get a commission of the hd ext waranties sold, which is why they spew nonsense.


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                  As mentioned by Texan, the only "Lifetime" warranty for Ridgid woodworking tools was on the older gray-color units. When TTI introduced it's new "orange" tools (under license to use the "Ridgid" brand name), it had a "Lifetime Warranty" during the several month period mentioned.

                  The "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement" is NOT a warranty as such. IMHO, it is better because the "Warranty" (both old and new), only covers parts that are considered to be defects in material and workmanship. The LLSA covers all parts that are wear out, break, burn-out, or simply go bad. This includes bearings, motors, seals, switches, circuits, and even batteries.

                  The LLSA is NOT automatic though and the requirement is that the purchaser MUST register the tool(s). No registration, no service agreement, and therefore only the 3-year warrenty applies.

                  Throughout the hundreds of posts on this web site and others, you will find the word "Warranty" used to decribe the LLSA. While innocent enough, some may construe that this is "automatic", which it is not. Likewise, there is the occasional person who gets quite upset because they don't understand these particulars and/or they think that all they have to do is either return it to Home Depot for replacement, or call Ridgid to have the parts sent to them. Unfortunately, there are a few "Orange Aprons" that don't understand this either.

                  The LLSA is not a warranty, it is not automatic, and it is not a service of Home Depot. What it is, IMHO, is a pretty good deal between Ridgid (TTI actually), it's authorized service centers, and the customer. But one must realize that the tool must be sent or taken to an authorized Ridgid Service Center and there will most likely be a waiting period for parts.

                  I hope this helps,



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                    Quite a trip to Home Depot

                    Well, I went back to Home Depot to get my difference in price ($41 + tax) on the 3 piece combo kit. I walked in through the contractor's door and just walked around looking for the actual kit since it had changed locations in the store. After finding it I started talking to one of my friends who works in the tool department and told him of my intentions and he assured me that this was fine and off to the service desk I went, with the Ridgid router as I mentioned earlier in the thread. Once I got to the desk and explained myself to the young customer service girl. She told me that this was a specialty purchase item and that Home Depot didn't match prices on specialty items. I was quite surprised by this response. I then gathered myself a little more and pled out the fact that I have a 90 refund policy and this really shouldn't be an issue at all. She responded by saying this is just our policy. I was getting a little more frustrated at this point, still holding this 20lb router box under my arm. I then explained to her what my policy was about to be, that either she was going to refund the difference and I would gladly go through the regular checkout lines and purchase this router (which is getting heavier by the minute....) or I would put the router back on the shelf, go home, package up my used nailers, bring them back, return them and purchase new ones. Either way I was going to get the difference. She then called a manager who had a puzzled look on his face from her response and then directed her to proceed with the refund. In the end, I got my refund and went through the line to buy the router where I ran into another customer whom I overhead had a 10% off coupon. I turned around and noticed that they only had a kitchen fire extinguisher in their cart. I ended up buying the coupon from them for $2.30 (I gave them $5) and saved another $18. After using the $125 gift certificate from the TS3650 purchase in May, I paid $8 for the router. Not bad for 2 1/4 hp plunge router.

                    Sorry for the length of the post but I thought it was a good story.