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18 Volt Lithium Ion Batteries...a question

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  • 18 Volt Lithium Ion Batteries...a question

    When I was in HD yesterday I saw a sign showing the MaxSelect tools and how they would work with three batteries...the 18V NiCd, the 24V LiIon and a new 18V LiIon. Anyone see these new 18V Lithium Ion batteries yet? Does anyone know if they will need a special new charger or work in either the existing 18V or 24V charger?

    On a similar note has anyone seen the 2.5AmpHr MaxSelect batteries for sale at any HD? The stores around here all seem to have the old 1.9AmpHr batteries for $80 bucks...which seems like a pretty poor deal when you compare them in price to competitors. Heck, Ryobi sells a pair of 1.7AmpHr batteries for $40.