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Ice Auger Attachment for Drill

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  • Ice Auger Attachment for Drill

    A customer of mine came in this weekend and asked about an attachment or whole unit her son asked her to get for Christmas. It is either an attachment for a cordless drill or a cordless tool that has an auger for drilling through ice for ice fishing. She said it was made by DeWalt and i checked the catalog but didn't see anything. I told her i was pretty sure one wasn't available because of the tremendous amount of torque it would need to get a 6"+ diameter hole through ice. I don't think any cordless tool could do that yet but i told her that i would check it out and give her a call back. I've done a little googling with no luck so far so i thought i'd turn to you guys.

    Am i right that the tool that she is looking for is most likely a gas powered auger, not a cordless one? and if not has anyone seen any products like this out there. Thanks for any help you guys give.

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    this will get you closer:


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      The only ice augers I have seen are gas or electric (powered off the car battery). Of course, there is the "cordless" hand operated. Jim


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        There's a local guy around here that fabricates such an attachment. Any machine shop should be able to come up with something. My FIL has one and it works like a charm with his 18V drill/driver, high torque DeWalt, but I'm not sure which model he has. He's primarily a pan fish type of guy and I don't think he drills holes over 4" dia. I also think that the auger he uses is a high end model with high tech blades.
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          Try here :
          This is an adapter that then will take the Mora or Strikemaster auger blades (do google search on "Mora ice auger, etc. Fits 1/2" drive drill (18v DeWalt pictures in advertisement.


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            My brother-in-law had an adapter fabricated to connect his existing 6” auger and his DW 18V XRP, I told him he was wasting his time and it would never have enough torque. He likes to fish on lake Simcoe where 18” thick ice is not unusual, he claimed he could sink 4 holes before a battery started going south. This was not acceptable to him and he has since bought some mac-daddy version that I believe had a motorcycle size battery mounted on it and could also be run off his 4-wheeler if it went dead.



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              Long blades for the sawzall?? I dont know as I am not a fisherman but I would think that might work.

              Or the really cheap way ... a 16# sledge
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                Ahhh, RobertCDF, good to see you are thinking--one small problem, though. Ice often gets to 36 inches thick up here.


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                  Cellardoor, once again we must have the same customers.

                  The southerners must think people are nuts trying to fish in the cold, of course I tend to agree with that


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                    How about a good 3 pounder hand drilling hammer and a big STAR drill?
                    Making the holes will help warm you up some.
                    See links for pictures of the above items.
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                      Ice auger addapter

                      My Ridgid 1/2 18 volt and 8 inch mora slice threw a hot knife threw butter 10 holes per battery per charge. we rarely get over a foot and half of ice here so it is perfect much lighter then a gas.
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                        My setup is listed on ebay my wife bought me a gas auger for xmass and I bought myself a Ridgid 24v lol. Works amazing