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Ever wondered what a Li-Ion battery looks like when it explodes?

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  • Ever wondered what a Li-Ion battery looks like when it explodes?

    I found this interesting little video. While its of a laptop Lith-ion battery I think you can all get the idea of what happens. Its pretty impressive and even a little scary. Very difficult and dangerous to put out since its a chemical fire.
    I wonder if this is part of the reason many power tool manufacturers do not offer retrofittable Li-ion batteries for NiCd tools, instead opting to totally redesign the battery attachment system. Unwary consumers forcing the new batteries into a non Li-ion charger would probably start a few housefires.

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    This is in the comments section:

    "As a former firefighter, I am posting the following for your information. The movie, is very good.

    In the event of a lithium battery venting in or out of the laptop, get away immediately and call 911. Tell the operator you have a D-Class lithium fire so the firefighters will have an extinguisher ready when they arrive. Unless you are in a commercial setting where a D-Class extinguisher is available, it is best to just leave and alert others to evacuate. The following is information on extinguishing a lithium fire so you will know how difficult it is. As shown by the movie, the temperatures will rise above 1,000 degrees. These are very dangerous fires. Leave them to the experts.

    In lieu of a D-Class fire extinguisher with a propellant of argon and a retardant of finely powdered copper, which is the preferred extinguishing agent for a lithium fire, powdered sodium carbonate, powdered dolomite and argon gas are also sometimes used. No other extinguishers should be employed on this type of fire.

    NOTE: Never use dirt on a lithium fire as it tends to pick up moisture while sitting around. The smallest amount of moisture will cause a steam explosion and send super heated metal droplets flying.

    FYI: The D-Class fire extinguisher is made for commercial applications and is very pricy, as well as weighing 30 lbs."


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      Now that would be a HOT Lapdance.