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3120 or 3121 - whats up?

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  • 3120 or 3121 - whats up?

    Ridgid jigsaws are on sale at my local HD but they are not the 3120 models - they are 3121s. I know the 3121 is made in china - is it of the same quality?

    I wonder why the ridgid website still advertises their jigsaw as the 3120 when it is no longer available?

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    Probably not the same quality!!!!!Ridgid's old angle grinder was a german made Metabo in Ridgid clothing(I have one!!!),the new grinder is china. Probably the same deal w/ the jigsaws!!!!!Use Metabo products to break into the market then go chinese cheap!!!!
    You can never have enough drills-too many is just enough!!!!!


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      Ridgid products that used to be made by Metabo for Ridgid were made to Ridgid specifications not Metabo's specifications. The same is true of the products now manufactured in China, they are being made to Ridgid's specifications.

      Design changes are another thing altogether. If Ridgid changes the specifications it doesn't make any difference where the tools are made, they will still reflect the change in design regardless if Metabo makes them or a factory in China.
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        Can't speak for all but I for one would rather have a german made tool than a chinese one. I bought as many USA,German,Swiss tools,and japanese tools as I could find(on clearance of course). Eventually every tool will be chinese and what a sad pitiful day that will be!!!!
        You can never have enough drills-too many is just enough!!!!!