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3.5 HP Plunge Router and table

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  • 3.5 HP Plunge Router and table

    i picked up a rather large 3.5 HP router today from Sears. I couldn't pass up the price ($20).

    Will I have any problems mounting this to a router table (which i will hopefully build this weekend) and successfully using it? Will the plunge feature interfere with anything?

    I have zero experience with router tables, so any thoughts will be appreciated.

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    Congrats on your new purchase I am sure you will like it.

    I have a couple plunge routers, one is dedicated to my router table and the other I use as a hand held around the shop. I have a P.C. 7539 (3 1/4 H.P.) with EVS which is dedicated to the router table and an industrial grade Ryobi (R500). One of the modifications I found extremely useful when mounting a plunge on a router table is removing the plunge locking lever. Removal of the lever allows you to adjust the router height without having to mess around with the plunge release lever; otherwise, it will take two hands and or a jig to fine adjust the height. I also drilled a hole on the router table which lines up with the router travel bolt; I then purchased an extra long bolt and replaced the orignal travel bolt with the new long bolt. Once I mounted the router to the table I then threaded the new long travel bolt from the top of the router table into the base of the router. This allows me to fine adjust the router height with a 3/8" rachet from the top of the router table i.e. a poor mans router lift. It is difficult to describe and I am sure it sounds confusing; if you would like to see a picture of it let me know and I'll try to get one over the weekend.



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      One thing you need to be concerned about is the weight of that big ole thing causing your table to bow. Sometimes it takes some time before the top shows sign of bowing. Depending on what you're going to be making the top out of you may need to reinforce it.

      You shouldn't have any trouble mounting it but bit height adjustment will be difficult if you don't have some form of above the table adjustment.
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        thanks for the insight billie bob and BD! can't wait to get started


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          2 sheets of 3/4" MDF, glued and screwed together; laminate both top and bottom of this sandwich; hard wood edging. This is the most popular recommendation on the router forums. Can't wait to build my new table, once I can finish the HDL for inside the house. Post pics when you finish it.