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  • Ridgid X2 Drill help

    I have a 12 volt Ridgid X2 model R82015 that the chuck got jammed up with a bit stuck inside. After hours of playing with it I used a air grinder to cut open the chuck and remove it. I need to purchase a new chuck and all of the ones at Home Depot are made for a smaller threaded shaft. What size or Jacobs part do I need. I don't want to throw the drill away but I'm not going to pay $70 bucks for the "Ridgid replacement" part. By the way I bought this drill less than two years ago and forgot to register it and Ridgid service refused to help me. Guess they don't like repeat business.


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    Nah, it's not that Ridgid doesn't like repeat business it's just that they don't feel obligated to fix a tool for free after someone has voided their warranty by attempting to fix it themselves and damaging the tool.

    If your Owners Manual doesn't give you specific information as to the type of replacement chuck you need then I'm sure Ridgid Customer Service could find out for you.
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      Gee Thanks

      Way to jump to conclusions guy but I called before I had to take things into my own hands. But thanks for your useful answer. My first post here was well worth it. The reason they claimed they wouldn't help was that the serial number was made 3 yrs and 2 months ago (out of the 3 yrs). It was a gift and I didn't have a receipt to show it was purchased after sitting on the shelf for almost a year.


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        dig in:


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          Sorry to hear of your trouble. One of the problems with "gifts", is that the giver should really provide you with the receipt too. I know that's not normal "etiquette" but when it comes to warranty issues, a receipt is essential.

          I looked up the part number on M & D Mower and here is what I got:

          RIDGID Part / 680301005
          CHUCK - HT 1/2" W/LOCK *TBO* ** This item has been discontinued and superseded by the following item(s): 680301008. Price shown is for the current item wt=.64

          RIDGID Part / 680301008
          CHUCK HT 1/2" JACOB SUZHOU wt=.635 Price: $57.52

          You might want to take note of the Jacob info on the previous line, if it is meaningful for for your search. The web site for M & D is:

          Hope this is helpful,



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            This site should give you info on drill chucks. The Jacobs professional-industrial chucks are big $$$ but high quality. You might want to look at their lower cost "Multi-Craft" series. Besides Home Depot, try Lowes and also places like ACE Hardware. Industrial supply houses for the most part only stock their industrial line. Rohm from Germany has many drill chucks but again you have to pay for a quality product you more than likely don't want to pay that much for. I hope you were able to keep the chuck retaining screw, but if not, any good power tool repair shop should have one that will work. If you did mess up the spindle threads most likely you'll need a 1/2-20 die to clean them up. I can see it now, where to fix the tool will simply cost more than it's worth. Good luck with this.


            Prowl around their site. There's lots to learn and some good hints on check removal and repair.


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              Thank you

              Guys that's for the info. That is what I was looking for. I made sure I didn't do damage to the threads and screw. I have to admit that the Jacobs chuck that was on there was heavy duty as it took some time with a grinder to get the old one off. Should have this drill up and running today.
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                Originally posted by zx12rider View Post
                Guess they don't like repeat business.
                Seems to me that maybe we both did a little conclusion jumping.
                I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.