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Ridgid Router on sale for $159

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  • Ridgid Router on sale for $159

    saw one today.....seems like i'm there everyday....oh wait i am

    if you use that coupon i posted for lowes, it will knock $10 bucks off of the price.

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    Which is a better deal...better router???

    I'm trying to decide between the Ridgid at $159 + tax or the Bosch 1617EVSPKE with edge guide (worth at least $35) and accessories for $ tax.
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      They had the ridgid combo router at my local HD today reg price $199 for $119. Wish I had the extra cash to get it.


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        Wow....$169 at mine.

        Originally posted by MUSTANGS7981 View Post
        They had the ridgid combo router at my local HD today reg price $199 for $119. Wish I had the extra cash to get it.
        I grabbed it for $169....wonder if my store is just not up to date or if it is a "manager's special" at your store.

        I did get a Ryobi laser light level kit for $10. This is the kit that sticks to the wall with battery powered suction. Includes an arm to assist at holding up a shelf. I already have one and find it work really well. With a second one I can actually hold a whole shelf up...hands free.

        They finally had a price drop on the Ridgid drill, jigsaw combo with the MaxHC batteries. It is down to $169.


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          The bosch is a gem, I'd go for it.
          To be fair however, I've never used the Ridigid.
          I have a PC 895, I will never buy a PC router again. I've used Bosch, Hitachi, Milw, Ryobi and Craftsman. The ryobi and craftsman are pure junk, Hitachi works well but is a PITA to change bits. The Milw is great, but I like the Bosch the most, it was easiest to change bits, has a big open area to see what you are doing and the microadjustment is the best.


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            The Ridgid Router is excellent unit as long as you require no accessories for it. SOme porter cable stuff is supposed to fit it. Otherwise it can be quite frustrating. The dust collection is poorly thought out and inadequate. It sticks right out the back so the hose snags on clamps or anything that happens to be in the way. Really aggravating to say the least. The over the top hose is a much better idea. I'm considering keeping my ridgid as a permanent table mounted router where it works just great. That way the dust collection is no longer a problem. Then get a Bosch or Dewalt with better plunge base micro adjustment and D-handle which I've realized would be the configuration I am most in need of. No D-handle base for ridgid unfortunately.


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              Thanks to all...decided to return it...but....

              Thanks to all...decided to return it...but ended up spending money anyway! Bought the two piece 16g finish and 18g brad nailer guns. They were $200 in a "trim" kit with 9.2V drill/driver. The single 16g nailer was $170. I was considering the Porter Cable kit but I already have a decent compressor and the PC kit's brad nailer was limited to 1 1/2" brads while the Ridgids would do 2 1/2."