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  • Best Air Nailer?

    I'm about to run out and buy one of these, and i'm looking for some reviews.

    My neighbor has a Senco that he really likes. His kid works at Menards, so he probably got it cheap. I see Bostitch, PC, Dewalt, and others from time to time.

    Does anybody have any reviews they want to share? Good or bad luck with any particular brand?

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    I have heard almost exclusively positive things about Hitachi.

    I bought a clearance Hitachi twin tank from Lowes a couple months back and even though it didnt originally come with a nail gun, the manager included the small Hitachi finish gun that was also on clearance in the price, since the tank didnt have the manual.

    I dont really use it that often so I cannot speak of durability, but the times it has been used, it has yet to jam up on me (knock on wood)

    I am going to kind of hi-jack this thread potentially with this next question, but it is related.

    If you were to choose between oil vs oil-free compressors, which would you choose and why?


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      As for nailers, there is a thread below that goes into it fairly well, My opinion is get one that feels right for you as far as performance and durability there is not much difference between the Hitachi, senco and bostitch, although internally the Hitachi works much different, I would stay away from the dewalt, they use generally the same fire system as Hitachi but in my opinion the parts are not as well made.

      As for compressors if you are going to use it frequently get an oil fill model, they have much bigger motors and much greater durability, On the outside the oiless look big because the housings around them are huge but if you take one apart it is a small motor and piston design, the motors on the oiless are generally a cheap throw away with no internal parts, the reason i like the bigger motor at least on the compressors is due to the work load and the way they are made although just about everyone uses a swash plate piston design, and the rod slides on the crank. the motors themselves are generally very will made. The biggest motor problem I see on the oil fill models is the rod freezing on the crank this is usually due to operator error, I am constanly replacing motors on the oiless.


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        Finally decided to buy one last year. Asked a good friend of mine who's been a contractor for years, which brand I should get. Figured he say Bostich. Told me that would be one of the last one's that he would buy(years ago, they were top of the line but not any longer. He still has one that he doesn't use anymore because he was having to rekit it every month or so. (Wouldn't even sell it to me because he didn't want me P***** at him) They use only Senco now (6 framers, 4 coilers), said he rekits them once a year and has never had one break down on him. He said that knew a couple of people running PCs and they were pretty pleased.

        HD had the PC FR350 for several $ less than the Senco and since I would only need this from time to time, this is what I bought. No problems so far. The wife had got me the PC pancake compressor and finish nailer(s) kit a couple of years ago for Christmas; love these so much probably had something to do with my decision. Have run several K through both nailers with no problems.


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          I have a FR350 PC roundhead framing nailer. Works good and does what I need, but I am not a professional. When I bought it, I was really wanting the Senco, as that was what all the local framing carpenters recommended. The local stores never got one in stock before time ran out (I was building a 16 x 20' shed/workshop). The PC did all I asked of it and has held up well for the occasional projects I have put it through since (privacy fences, small sheds, etc).

          Practicing at practical wood working


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            Do you have an idea what you will be using the air nailer for. This will help narrow the nail gauge and the gun. I personally. have a few of them, I have an 18 ga Paslode T200 F18 I use for installing small molding,like on cabinets or fine furniture, picture frames etc. I like this gun because it leaves a very small nail hole (easy to patch). I also have an old craftsman 16 ga straight nailer. It works well if I am in a jam and don't have my 18 or 15 ga with me. It is really my most versitile gun. Despite the bad reputation craftsman has gotten over the years this gun has been very reliable for me. Then I have a Senco 15 ga (SFN40) this gun is an animal for installing crown molding, and base molding. The only drawback is the size of the nail hole it leaves behind. Finally, I have an narrow 18 ga stapler, it too is a craftsman. I must admit I have had a couple of problems with this one. I recently had to replace a couple of O-rings for the third time and I really don't like the trigger mechanism on this gun; however, I still can't justify dropping another $100 to replace it.

            I recently sold two others a bostitch framing nailer (MWN-88) which I hadn't used in over a year and a Senco pro finish 35 (15 ga). The pro finish 35 was purchased to replace my old SFN40, but it just didn't feel right, plus the SFN 40 is oil less where the 35 requires oil.

            The one feature I really like on my SFN40 and the Paslode is front plate, it can be removed to clear nail jams without any tools They have a thumb latch which allows you to remove the jammed nail very easily. Where both of my Craftsmand nailers require an allen wrench to reomove the plate, this is both time consuming and a bit of a hassle. Especially if you misplace the allen wrench.

            I have heard great comments and reviews on the Porter cable 18 ga, 15 ga and their 16 ga nail guns. In fact H. D. is always running specials on the 3 gun kit and compressor.

            sorry for my long winded response, I hope this helps.


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              I have the Porter cable 18 ga, 15 ga and 16 ga. I am a Builder so I do use it often. Mostly to fix caseing and base. I also use it for ther stuff. I think for the price you cant beat this combo. 3 guns and a compressor is a great deal on sale I think it was $289. I don't know how much you will be using it or if that is the size gun your looking for.


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                There is a new PC compressor nail kit combo at HD. It has 5 guns, a 150psi compressor (instead of the 135 that comes with the 3 gun kit).

                It's going to be on sale, starting Black Friday (thru sunday only) for $379 and there is a $50 MIR. You can use a 10% off coupon and get a great deal.

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