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Who makes the Craftsman lithium drill?

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  • Who makes the Craftsman lithium drill?

    Hello all.

    I am in the market for a lithium ion drill and ran across the Craftsman 20V Lithium ion drill for $269.

    Check it out:

    Anyways, does anyone know who makes this drill for Sears?

    FWIW, Right now, it looks like I am buying the Makita 18V.

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    Like all Craftsman cordless tools they are made by TTI.


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      Definitely made by TTI.

      The handle attachment is an exact duplicate of what you see on Ridgid tools. The charger works the same. Interesting that the specs are considerably lower 20V and 2.2AmpHrs vs. 24V and 3AmpHrs. The drill lists for $30 less. The drill, circular saw is only $30 dollars less than the Ridgid kit...but the Ridgid kit also includes the reciprocating saw.

      Note the drill handle in picture #1 and picture #2. Note the included saw in picture #3.

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        Originally posted by Velosapien View Post
        Like all Craftsman cordless tools they are made by TTI.
        are you sure?


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          I can't speak for Velosapien, as I am not familiar with Craftsman's cordless line. I do know that Sears contracts with a variety of manufacturers for various products, or product lines. Ryobi/Ridgid
          (TTI) is certainly one of the largest suppliers for certain hand-held and stationary power tools. A close examination of the previous photographes illustrates the overall similarities between the branded tools. Sears does, of course, set differences like color, moldings, etc. But despite those differences, the kinship is definitely identifiable.

          Similarly Ryobi's BT3100 10-inch, sliding miter table saw is now sporting a Craftsman badge, red & black color scheme, and a folding carriage with wheels. Same with their 18-inch scroll saw, which used to be Ryobi's SC180VS. Also many of Craftsman's lower end routers are made by Ryobi.

          However, Ryobi/TTI is not the only supplier to Craftsman. Recently (and maybe still) Bosch made several of the Craftsman tools. Rikon makes at least three of the new Craftsman bandsaws. Point is that Sears brands tools from a variety of manufacturers and often, as is the case with Ridgid, you will find the warranty better with the original OEM. To some folks, the advantage to buying Craftsman may simply be the point of sale, parts operations, and that warm fuzzy feeling that you get from buying at Sears.



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            I'm sure that it is TTI as well

            Look at the torque ring behind the chuck. It is identical. When I saw the Craftsman tools in a TV commercial, I said: "They are definitely made by the same people that make Ridgid's."

            But as Disaster notes, the same manufacturer doesn't mean the same quality.
            Just like car manufacturers, they build different quality levels for different buyers.


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              They could be identical visually but the quality of the many of the components is likely different.


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                Craftsman cordless tools have been made by TTI/Ryobi for a pretty long time now. Notice many of the 18v cordless tools are basically Ryobi tools in dark gray and red. They also sent out a press release not to long ago announcing they were extending their contract with TTI for several more years.