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  • Need Your Opinion Please!

    I know some of you are gonna, "Oh No, not again". Sorry but I really need your honest opinions.

    It was all but written in stone that I was gonna get a new Ridgid TS 3650... then someone puts a link to Timberline Tools that has the Jet JTAS-XL for $1100.00 after rebate and this is with the 50" fence, router table/lift and Bosch router. No I can't afford the PM2000 no matter how much drool I've wasted on it. I've been away from my woodworking for a few years but want to get back in it seriously; want to build some cabinets and possibly get into some furniture making.

    Thanks in advance for responding guys/gals.

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    From a mechanical and design aspect, the cabinet saw is simply a more substantial machine and an upgrade that offers better DC, more power, more mass and rigidity, excellent longevity, a top shelf fence, plus they toss in the router. Both will cut wood, but the same argument could be applied to a circular saw with a straight edge. Many wwers aspire to buying a cabinet saw of that type eventually, even if it's a want and not a need...if you really want to get back into it seriously, I say buy the cabinet saw now and be done with it.

    It's a terrific deal IMO...I don't think the Griz 1023 rivals this deal. At $1600-$1700 for the Jet package I'd be waffling alot more, but not at that price....even without the router that's a great deal for the Jet. I doubt you'll have any regrets.
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      If you can afford it, do it.


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        Thanks guys. Appreciate the response.