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Ridiculously cheap Craftsman Router

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  • Ridiculously cheap Craftsman Router

    I was perusing a Ryobi message board and came across a thread about a 3.5HP Craftsman Plunge Router.

    It is discontinued, but some Sears locations still have maybe 1 or 2 in stock and the floor model. I couldn't find a Sears around me with a new in box one, but did manage to find one still on the floor. It's $40 and change on sale, and the associate gave it to me for half price because it was a floor model.

    I called many Sears, including the one I bought the floor model at, and they said they were all out. I went to 2, and the second one had the floor model, despite the associate telling me on the phone they didn't have any left.

    So basically, you can get a hoss of a router if a sears near you has it. The only thing missing is the owners manual, which a stand-up guy scanned for me, and the 1/4 collet adapter.

    Model 268350 (or more complete model #315.268350)