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    I am having a hard time picking out a 1/4 sheet finish sander and was wondering if anyone has any opinion on a good quality sander. I don't want to spend an arm and leg for it, I just want something that holds the sheet tight and doesn't loosen. I have thougt about the ridgid, but I don't like the placement of the power switch as it is an issue with my 5 Inch ROS. Any help would be great. Does anyone have a milwaukee? I am open to suggestions.

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    I have the DeWalt and love it.
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      I've gone through a bunch of 1/4 sanders until I finally settled on the Bosch model with the auto tightening paper clamp. My main problem with most finishing sanders is they vibrate too much and are too powerful for a true finishing sander. The ridgid one as mentioned has a poorly placed power switch and I contantly flipped it off by accident. Like others at 2.4 amps its a little too powerful and vibrates a LOT. Its actually quite difficult to handle and control when doing detail sanding or anything that doesn't allow it to sit fully. When riding up against corners it impacts them so hard it actually left little dents in the wood. I always ended up going back to a cheapo 10 year old 1.8 amp Black & Decker which was far better except it had no dust management. The Bosch rates at 2.0 amps and vibrates the least of the bunch. It feels very stable and easy to control. All of these sanders are within a couple of dollars of each other so my suggestion is go straight to the Bosch. The clamping system alone sets it apart.
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        If you can still find one a Porter-Cable 330 is one really nice 1/4 sheet sander. They don't shake you half to death. Yes, it's the funny looking one. It's "Old School" and doesn't have features, but they last and do a nice job. It's not super powered either. People laugh at mine until they try it.

        FYI The Milwaukee 1/4 sheet orbital sanders are really JEPSON in red. Their random orbitals are junk, but the 1/4 sheet that are just orbital are OK but I can't rave about them.
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          check-out this Dewalt palm sander......there's a $15 rebate, friday only, from ace hardware.