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Question regarding warranty on ridgid saw

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  • Question regarding warranty on ridgid saw

    Hi there. I am in the process of buying the Ridgid 2400LS portable table saw. I was gonna get it at the local Home Depot but just checked there website and see they have the reconditioned ones marked down from $349 to $279. My question is do they carry the same warranty as a new one or should I just buy the new one and be done with it. I would be saving about $50 total even after shipping. Thanks

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    I am not 100% sure but I don't think they do. I belive they are only 1yr. I just got a new one yesterday from the store. I went on Ebay and got a 20% off coupon and it bad it only around $360. I was going to order the same saw but it was going to cost around $130 to ship it. It was cheaper for me to buy it in the store new with a full warranty. If you have the time to wait I would get a coupon and then get it from the store. I also hear bad things about their online sote. Look around and read some of the problems. I didn't want to buy from them online after I saw all the bad stuff about them.