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    anyone use the ridgid finish nailer (R250) or brad nailer (R213)? Thinking about buying them, but unsure t get them or the PC set.


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    I just bought the finish and trim combo kit.

    I just bought the finish and trim combo kit. It includes the R250SFA Finish Nailer and the R213BNA brad nailer plus the R81030 9.6V driver. The kit was $200 at HD....compared to $170 for just the finish nailer alone.

    Haven't got any serious job time on them so I can't comment on their longer term durability, but I'm very impressed with the quality. Unlike the tools that come with the PC kit, on sale, these will drive 2.5" fasteners (PC was limited to 1.25" brads if I recall.) They have lightweight magnesium housings. You can set the trigger for single, multi or nose actuation and dry-fire lockout. There is a tool free access port at the top to clear jams and plastic/rubber tips that cover the nose to prevent marring soft surfaces. The air hose connector is mounted on a swivel disconnect.


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      I've got an R250. Performs great! Devours every brand of nail - no problems. Just keep it oiled and make sure you keep the condensastion in the compressor to a minimum by draining it daily. I look forward to buying more Ridgid air tools.
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        I just recently bought the R350RHA (framing) and the 3 pc combo kit. I am really impressed with them so far. I have had cheap ones in the past and these pack quite a punch. They are easy to load/unload and I have yet to have one jam, I have already shot a box through the framing nailer and two boxes through the finish nailer. Make sure that you it set on single nail shots though or it will surprise you. Especially when toe-nailing. Also, buy good nails. I have used the cheap ones from Harbor freight and they jam easily.


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          I went with the R213 and so far I love it. I have used nails from 1 1/4" to its capacity of 2 1/8" and they both were flawless. Agree with being careful in multi. Put a hole in my flexeel line, but I guess it was better than the hardwood floor...


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            where's my Nail Gun

            I bought the ridgid (framing) nailer model R350CHA 09/05 had it less than a year when the driver head quit retracting, took it to the service center and i have yet to get my nail gun back. I keep getting the run around were waiting for parts, well almost 4 months have passed and hmmmm those parts still are yet to arrive. but i do want to say while the nailgun was working it was one of the best i have used.