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When will 24v lithium batteries & chargers be sold separately?

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  • When will 24v lithium batteries & chargers be sold separately?

    I just bought the 24v Ridgid cordless drill for $119 without a charger or battery. I already have a 24v combo kit, so I have two batteries and a charger.

    My neighbor wants to buy one of these jigsaws, but I could not find the 24v batteries and chargers sold separately (he does not have and does not want to buy a combo kit).

    I spoke to a Ridgid rep at a Home Depot contractors' event a few months ago. I think he said something about Ridgid selling the separate 24v tools (planer, jigsaw and caulking gun) before they start selling the 24v batteries and chargers separately. I think he said they were going to do this to take care of the customers who bought the combo kits, so that they'd have a chance to buy all the separate tools they want before the batteries are sold separately.

    I've looked online and in two Home Depots, but I can't find the 24v batteries and chargers sold separately. Does anyone know when these will be available separately?

    (I know the 24v jigsaw, like all the 24v tools, will work with 18v batteries. But my neighbor wants the 24v battery.)
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    Wonder how much a battery kit would cost?

    The NiCad kits from Ryobi run about $30 for a charger and $40 for two 1.7AmpHr 18V batteries....or $25 for one. Sears sells the 19.2 charger for #35 and $55 for two batteries.

    Single NiCd batteries for most other tools, including Ridgid run $70-90 dollars.

    The DeWalt 36V Lithium battery is $170!!! A V28 battery runs $125 and a Makita 18V is $90. Thinking the 24V Lithium Ion batteries will have to run up close to the $100 range.

    It is probably a better deal to start out with a kit that includes a charger and two batteries. For example the local HD was selling the 24V hammer drill/driver for $200. It comes with two batteries. Not sure if that is a clearance deal or temporary offer.


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      Thanks for the reply, but...

      Thanks for the reply, and I know that makes sense, but I've discussed that with my neighbor and he simply isn't interested in buying more than the drill, the battery and the charger.

      Does anyone know when the Ridgid lithium 24v batteries and chargers will be availabe separately (without any tools)?
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        They are. Check Ebay


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          The stuff on Ebay is from people parting out kits.

          Originally posted by MUSTANGS7981 View Post
          They are. Check Ebay
          The stuff on Ebay is from people parting out kits. The batteries look to be going for $55 individually and a pair with charger sold for $170.


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            Thanks again...

            Thanks for the prices. Do you have an idea when they will be available?

            I don't want to buy them on eBay. They wouldn't be covered by the lifetime replacement warranty, so that would be a waste of money.
            So many saws, so few fingers...