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    I have a had a 14.4 Milwaukee for a while. Always had a wobble in the chuck and the chuck would loosen while drilling. Never did anything about it because I didn't use it much.

    Recemtly on a job, only drill with me is the Milwaukee. The wobble and lossening drove me nuts. Decided to get it fixed. Go to a authorized joint to get it fixed and they strip the screw holding the chuck in. Guy uses a 12v drill to get it off and goes the wrong direction. Strips the screw. Tells me it's about a hours labor now cause they'll need to cut the chuck off. I say okay, order the parts and I'll come back.

    Not to be cheap but if you strip the screw because of stupidity, then it's your issue. I called Milwaukee to explain my unsatisfactory experience at their authorized repair facility. Spoke to a rep., explained what happened. He asked the name of the facility and just sent me the parts for free. He apologized for the mishap and siad don't worry about the parts.

    It took me 5 minutes to drill out the screw and 5 minutes to put the new chuck on. Man, am I glad I called. Imagine. 1 hours labor.........
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    If the Tech, was in fact careless then they should have taken care of it for you that dumb a mistake boggles my mind. 5 mins to drill out the screw and tap the spindle for a new one is impressive. What generally happens is the head of the screws get damaged from the bits. They are bottomed out in the chuck cust's not knowing they are actually bottoming them against the set screw this is a bad problem on so called hammer drills or they are damaged by a cust trying to force them the wrong way. I cut off the chucks enough to get to the set screw as I don't want to have to tap the spindle which would take much longer than an hour. In any case if the shop you took it to did damage it and would not take care of it I would stay as far away from it as possible.