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    I have a ryboi drill, couple of years old now. It has been a good drill I have beat on it pretty good, but I find that some bits are spinning in the chuck no matter how much I tighten the keyless chuck. Is there something that I can do to fix this?

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    get a new chuck or drill...


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      It sounds like the jaws of your chuck are worn to a point where they won't hold the smaller diameter drill bits. Unfortunately, the only remedy that I know for this is to replace the chuck.



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        Another option is to only but hex shank drills.
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          The lads are right, but you can do what a lot of smiths do, especially those that do a lot of fitting, ie:- Get your old corded drill out, that you don't use much anyway, & buy a nice new keyed chuck for it, preferably the largest that will go on the machine! This drill is then the one you use for the rough stuff. Of course cordless can be used, but if it's lying around most of the time, just waiting for a "nasty", then one may have battery problems.
          It seems that especially hex drives are rough on chucks, but OK, I cut holes in stainless with Starret hole saws. A little tip, when your going to be hard on a keyed chuck, then tighten with the key in all 3 holes, not just the one. You'll be surprised how much slack this gets out.
          (I hope "The Dog" reads this! Only American made, Starret cutters, are any good, if you need a real neat job in stainless!)


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            Note to RIR: Get a true industrial grade keyed chuck. Look at Jacobs (USA and England) or ROHM (Germany) chucks. Remember both make different grades and you want the real industrial grade. I have to agree that Starrett makes great tools including bandsaw, jigsaw reciprocating saw blades and hole saws. They are more known for precision tools and gauge blocks, but their line is vast and especially for us here in the USA.