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"The old switcheroo"...RE: ridgid 18v cordless drill

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  • "The old switcheroo"...RE: ridgid 18v cordless drill

    Last december, my employer bought me the ridgid 18v cordless, c/w hardcase, 2 batteries, charger, 1/2" steel chuck etc.. After using many cordless drills (dewalt, milwaukee, bosch) i determined this to be the best of the bunch, and it was over 100 dollars cheaper than all of the others, ($249 cdn at HD) The problem came when i tried to re-buy the same drill for my own personal use. First of all the price increased to 325, which was still cheaper than the other 3. Secondly, the hard case has been replaced with a cheesy bag, that doesnt protect it from anything. Third, the first kit had a dual charger for simultaneous charging. Hardly a necessity, but just another little reason i buy ridgid tools. Last and worst of all, the 1/2" steel chuck has been switched to a plastic one of the same size. What gives. i finally find a drill with a decent weight, power ability and reasonable price, and ridgid pulls it and replaces it wth this sad excuse for a drill. does anyone know where i can get the original kit, or possibly a replacement case, or chuck? Anf further, should I expect a decline in quality and increase in price on all ridgid products? Thanks in advance
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    Out of curiosity what is the model number of your new drill? The pricepoint and your description dont match up.




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      Im not sure of the number as i didnt purchase the drill once i discoveerd the changes that had been made to the line. I just checked the HD website and the price is actually 250( my mistake I was looking at the price for the cordless hammer drill)needless to say i doubt I will buy this drill unless I can find replacement parts. Also, im sure other corners have been cut to lower the price of producing this drill, perhaps cheaper internal parts and wiring components. these are the just the changes I could see from the outside
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        You can find the model number of the drill by looking on the nameplate on the side of the drill. The model number should be in the upper left hand corner and it starts with a R.
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          Big Pipe

          Please look at the name plates on the Drill, Charger, and Batteries. Please post what you can find on each of them. This is for the Drill Kit that you like. Someone may be able to help you find another just like it.

          As for drill chucks forget the exact replacement and starting looking into Jacobs and Rohm catalogs. They are the companies that actually make chucks and both have several quality grades. If you go all out and install a true industrial grade chuck, you should have it longer than the drill and can remove it to use on the replacement drill later. Jacobs has what they call "Professional" keyed chucks. They are far better than the cheapo ones that come on too many power tools anymore and aren't quite what a true industrial chuck is but then they don't cost as much. Try looking around at industrial supply houses for them. The link below may help you out some.

          Once there, click on the Technical Support link. There's lots of good info there.


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            Ridgid Drill

            We service the Ridgid line in our establishment and the "all metal chuck" you are talking about is no longer available. All the chucks are replaced with the one that has the plastic on it. As far as getting parts, as long as its not a model R83015 (long back order for parts on that model) All the parts you need are available. As far as using cheaper parts, I haven't notice a change in any of the replacement parts, they have been the same for quite a few years. Besides the warranty will cover you for quite a while on the Ridgid drills.

            Hope this helps.

            PS I notice you are from Canada, we are based out of Alberta,if you are close I'm sure we can help you if you have any problems.
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              I know that it is a single charger and soft case but is this the drill you are talking about?? (R840011)


              If so, you should know that they are on sale at HD here in Calgary for 129$ right now, down from 249$. I am assuming you would get the same price whereever you are. I was lucky enough to get one for 99$ on a blowout a couple of weeks ago.

              Considering that it comes with two batteries and the LSA, 129$ is a steal.
              The chuck is the Jacobs 500 and looks like metal to me.
              On my Ridgid hammer drill it is the Jacobs 700.

              I bought one eventhough I have the 18v 1/2" hammer drill already because two batteries alone are worth more than that, so basically the drill is free.

              Specs on the drill are very good (below) and I am quite happy with it.
              Finally, why would you care about availability of replacement parts? As long as you register for the LSA you are covered, no?
              Finally, the batteries are worth more than the asking price so even if I throw the drill out tomorrow, I will have gotten my $ worth.
              My two cents.


              Volts: : 18
              Chuck:: 1/2" single-sleeve locking chuck
              Charger:: 20 minute
              Torque: : 460 in-lbs.
              No Load Speeds: : 0 - 450/0 - 1,500 RPM
              Clutch:: 24 position
              Charger:: 20 minute
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                thanks everyone for the help.

                Tall canuck: That is the drill that i was looking at and was disapointed with, but for $129 i dont really see how i could go wrong.

                I made this post hoping i wold be able to find one of the original models in stock somewhere, but considering this price and also the warranty i might just buy 2 of this model
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                  bigpipe, I think after you used the 2nd generation of the drills you wouldn't miss the old chuck. If your talking about the all black chuck in contrast to the old 2piece 2 tone chuck the new ones are a big step forward in my opinion. I know my opinion doesnt count because I work at Ridge Tool. But I have used and owned both generations.

                  Have a good one,



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                    I have both the 18V and the 24v and both have plastic in them.

                    I have both the 18V and the 24v and both have plastic in them. The two tone, two piece chuck, on the 18V has the Jacobs logo on it...model 700. Interestingly the 24V one piece chuck, while looking just like the one piece Jacobs chuck, doesn't have any Jacobs logo. I wonder if it is how Jacobs now sells "OEM" chucks or if it is a knock-off.