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  • Harbor Freight Spindle Sander

    HAs anybody seen or used the new oscillating spindle sander that Harbor is selling? It looks identical to the RYOBI oscillating spindle sander (which RYOBI discontinued). It is 89.00 and I have a 15% off coupon. Seems like a good deal. I really wanted one of the RYOBI sanders but evidently HD/Ridgid wanted to push their sander instead. Ron

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    Usually when a company discontinues a product it's because it either didn't sell as well as expected or it didn't work as well as they thought it would or both. No experience with the HF version but if it is identical to the Ryobi that was discontinued I'd have to think real hard about buying it. Especially with HF's reputation of selling, shall we say, less than the highest quality tools.
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      Personally I would not buy anything from hf. But there are a lot of people that have never had a problem with them. Many of the contractors I talk to buy tools there as throw away tools because they are so cheap. If the sander you mention looks like the Ryobi it probably is a relabeled tool. Ryobi had serious problems with the wobble assm hanging up I don't think they ever did get it cleared up but I have not seen any in a while.


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        I've been bitten once too often by HF "quality."

        The final straw was a 2hp pancake compressor. It was noisy, spit oil and lasted about 3 uses. Had a brush failure and couldn't get a replacement from HF or any local engine service place. Pitched it in the trash. Not the first thing I got from HF that ended up in the trash.

        Bought a cast iron vise that broke the first time I tightened the jaws.

        Bought the 118 piece titanium tipped drill set. The drills were so soft they would round right over and burn. Was able to salvage one drill as a pin to replace one that fell out of a rifle I was working on.

        Got a metal desk that came said "assembly required." It arrived in a flat box....about 35 individual plates of metal with holes and tiny little screws, lock washers, and nuts....half of them missing. The instructions were worthless and some of the parts appeared to either be wrong or not have the right holes. After about 30 minutes of frustrations I boxed it back up and wheeled it down to the curb for the trash.

        Maybe I'm a slow learner but I do learn eventually.


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          So, does anyone really know why RYOBI discontinued it or just quessing? Are you also saying it had problems and was not worth buying? Considering problems identified on this forum with tools made in China, what is the problem with Harbor Freight tools? China tools are China tools!
          What other choices in spindle sanders are out there comparable to these?


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            Far from it.

            Originally posted by Ronald View Post
            ....what is the problem with Harbor Freight tools? China tools are China tools!
            Far from it. Some manufacturers actually set up their own plants in fact, the good ones do.

            Others, will inspect plants and recommend or even demand certain levels of quality control...I've heard Grissly does this.

            Others, like HF, just buy cheap Chinese knockoffs of products, usually made with inferior materials, poor tolerances and generally crappy quality. Some of these can be refurbished into OK tools at considerable savings over the tools they copy. Others are basket cases that aren't worth the shipping cost.

            Some people, for example, say that some of the cordless drills are adequate for basic tasks and they don't have to worry about them wandering off the job sites. Their are websites devoted to how to refurbish the cheap 7x10 HF metal lathe into a workable tool.


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              I mentioned this in a post a while back. The one specific example I know of is a hammer that Harbor freight sells as a makita, correct color, a makita label everything. Only thing is it is not a Makita, the label is off of a drill I don't know where they got the labels but the model they are useing is not the hammer. Makita does not make the hammer. People come in periodicly for wtty on this tool but there is nothing we can do.