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    That is an old, heavy sob. I am amazed how many of those are still around. I still get quite a few people coming in to get them repaired.


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      Yeah the torque ratings are extremely misleading. When they say things like 550in-lbs torque, more often than not it's only what the drill can put out for a split second before the motor either heats up severely or goes into meltdown.

      notice too that they say 550-in-lbs instead of 46 ft-lbs (same thing) because 550 sounds bigger right?

      It's the same with corded tools too actually. You'll see tools that run on a standard 15A, 120V circuit claim 3.5HP in the advertising. On a 15A circuit all you can develop is about 2.4HP continuous. And that's assuming 100% efficiency of the motor and gearing. By the time you make it to the blade, you could easily lose 40% or more of that power.

      What happens is the marketing guys study the engineering tool test data and figure out what the biggest number they can pull out of that data without technically lying to the consumer.

      Very little of what they print in the specs is real.
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        Today the replacement for my big old beast of a spade handle drill would be either the DeWalt DW138 or the Milwaukee 1854. They still sell them but yes they are heavy and costly. When you have tuff jobs to do that's one way to get the work over with. Warning: These bad boys can bust your arms off if you're not careful. Learn how to use one and THINK before you pull the trigger.


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          Those are sick drills. lol

          I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of one of those


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            everyone cheats. Same with motor sizes. I own multiple dirt bikes one is called an 80cc but only has 76cc in reality same with my 125cc it only has 119cc. It just sounds better I guess when they round up to a bigger number and for most who don't check they would never be the wiser and think they have a true 24volt kit