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R7130 right angle drill

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  • R7130 right angle drill

    I would like to hear some reviews thanks.

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    I would like to see this tool professionally tested and reviewed. Based on what I have seen of it at Home Depot and that the Milwaukee HoleHawg has been around a long time, I would go for the Milwaukee myself. This one does have 3 speeds which could come in handy where their's has 300 & 1200 RPM only. I should add that Makita has their verson too, and for the customer wanting to buy something for little $ there is the one at Harbor Freight. I personally would rather buy a real Milwaukee HoleHawg and would look to a reconditioned one to save some $$$ if cost was that much of a factor.

    Please see the following links for some info.

    Milwaukee HoleHawg -

    Makita's version the DA6300 -

    Ridgid R7130 -

    And here is one by DeWalt that will do the same kind of work but is styled somewhat differently. - [url]

    I should add that there are right angle heads that attach to "D" handle drills that many people use for drilling joists and studs, but they are not quite as heavy duty as the above and they (in most cases) require a bit more room. You do get variable speed (in most cases) with reversing and with a little doing you can make a straight "D" handle drill by taking the RA head off and switching the chuck around.

    If you want a more compact right angle drill and are only needing to make up to about 3/4" holes in soft woods, there are little right angle drills. They go where the big drills just can't and they are much lighter weight. Most of the big power tool companies make them. Look at Bosch, Hitachi, and Makita to start if that's what you may want. (Nice compact 3/8" right angle drill)

    There are some wild models that are T shaped or duck shaped. They are lighter duty and are mostly for just working in really tight spots.

    Here is a Metabo pistol grip VSR 1/2" drill with a right angle head. I wonder about how this tool is regarding controlling it. - This is a PDF file on several of their corded drills.
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      I actually have a Metabo AD626 1/2" drill with the RA adapter - it's one hell of an awesome drill. It's German quality all the way.
      I'm also looking to get a Milwaukee HoleHawg soon.


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        Newman, Try it with the Right Angle Head off and the chuck installed on the main spindle. Now you have a great 1/2" pistol grip drill. Metabo tools may seem a bit wild to us here in the USA but they are a quality company. People should sometime take a look at the wild tools they have over in Germany where their factory is. One of their sales reps is trying to get them to print the German catalog in English. I can't wait to see it. I have the German one but not knowing German, I have to just use the numbers and pictures for now. It's is all metric, but that can be converted as necessary. If you want me to, I'll post some wild links so you can see more of their products. I should add that their angle grinders are great and that many steel fabricators here now use them along with boiler repair men/women. The older Ridgid 4½" angle grinder was made by Metabo under contract. Sadly that's been changed and now the newer one is TTI from China. I think some of the Ridgid drills were made by Metabo at one time. Look for GERMANY on them. Personally I like to buy tools with the name of the company that made them on the tool. I get confused anymore. LOL


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          Yeah, I've used it with the RA head mostly for drilling with auger bits for electrical and pipes - it eats wood like it's nobody's business!
          I know some of the early Ridgid ROS, drill, and jigsaw were made by Metabo, but now they are all made in China!


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            No feedback yet? I guess I'll have to go on name and buy milwaukee.


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              You might take a look here. This site has factory reconditioned Milwaukee tools. I have purchased from them and the tools are just like new other than maybe a scratch or two and that they are branded (marked) so they can't be sold as new. They are where a dealer gets back a new tool where their costomer happens to want another model or where a display gets changed. You are not buying damaged junk tools. A Milwaukee tech checks them over. This can save you some $ over new, but then it's your choice.

     (Classic HoleHawg - reconditioned)

     (Super HoleHawg - reconditioned)

              This site has pretty good prices on new HoleHawgs along with other power tools, both Milwaukee and other brands. You might want to take a look.

     (Several brands and models of RA drills to look at)

              Good luck with your search.


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                Buy the Milwaukee!!!!!!Home Depot only sells the cheap chinese Ridgid version of the Hole Hawg cause they want to make even more profit ie buy the chinese Ridgid cheaper than the USA made Milwaukee and charge the same amount of money for it and keep the savings as profit(heaven forbid charge less for the Ridgid hawg cause you got it cheaper). Notice a pattern here!!!!When companies sent their tooling abroad for cheap labor the consumer does not save money. The Mexican made Porter Cable belt sanders sell for the same amount as the ole USA ones did!!!!It's sad!!!!!
                You can never have enough drills-too many is just enough!!!!!