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  • tool cover sources

    I currently use a large plastic trash bag to cover my miter saw to reduce dust etc. when I'm not using it.

    I was wondering if there is an after market source that sells power tool covers?

    I recently bought a nice Hobart welder cover from Norther tool.

    thanks for any help

    Cactus Man

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    Re: tool cover sources

    Cactusman, not sure if you resolved this or not, but there are covers that are ideal for your equipment. They are "HTC Machine Covers" You can get them at Rockler ( and Woodcraft ( I'm sure you can get them at many other places. Going prices are $32 and $49 for a 56"x72" or 72"x112" respectively.

    Although you live in an aired climate, these covers allow the equipment to breath, so moisture will not collect and rust. The plastic bag method in the southeast would wreak havok on the equipment with the high humidity.

    Hope that helps.