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  • pancake compressors

    Does anybody have one of the Porter Cable Compressor combos that HD sells (CFFN250T - comes with a 135 psi compressor, two nail guns and a crown stapler)? If you do, just wondering if you are happy with it and what tools you run off of it. I know it doesnt have enough SCFM for a paint gun or sander, but i was wondering how it performed with a framing nailer.

    How noisy is it?

    Mathematically it has enough SCFM for a framing gun (work out the required usage and add a 20 % buffer). But theory and practice are often quite different.

    I appreciate your responses - they will probably influence my decision to buy one.

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    I have that same set. I have used it extensively installing trim and with a framing nailer. It has never even come close to reaching its capacity. I like it and would recommend it. The only complaint I have is that it is loud.


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      They are definitely loud, but they work very well with nail guns.


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        they are VERY loud, but it has done everything i have asked it to do.

        i would wear ear protection when in close proximity to it.

        just to let you know, HD has a 150psi version that comes with 5 guns and had it on sale recently for $379, and a $50 gift cert. if you have a coupon, that's one heck of a deal.


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          Watch the 6 gallon PC pancake!!!!It has a rep for self destructing!!!!
          You can never have enough drills-too many is just enough!!!!!


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            I also own the combo set and just finished the trim on my new kitchen cabinets without flaws. I agree that the noise is an issue but for the price you can't beat it. Havn't tried the stapler yet. Finish nailer and brad worked like a charm.


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              I work for a very large home builder and use it all the time. I have never had a problem with it. I also used it when redoing my dads cabin. It worked great. I was using a framing gun with 3" nails and had no problem. This is a great deal if your are a DIYer and just use it around the house or not using it every day all day. If you are going to be doing big framing jobs I would go with something larger. Oh I have used all the guns and all work great. Make sure you use a few drops of oil before you use them each time. This will keep them runnng for a long time. If you can use all 5 gund I 2nd getting the new kit with 5 guns. If you get a 20% HD coupon that is a great deal.


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                pancake compressors

                I have the one that came with 2 nail guns it is very loud so loud i quiet using it and got a new compressor, the guns are great. Tha compressor is rated at 87 db the ingesoll rand i have now is rated at 78 db. For every 3 db increase the level of noise your ears precieve doubles. This is accourding to the canadian hearing society.


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                  Originally posted by Akita View Post
                  Watch the 6 gallon PC pancake!!!!It has a rep for self destructing!!!!
                  Hate to hear that...just bought the C2001 with the accessory kit for $99 @ Lowe's on the 'pro' deal last week. This week it's that lower price for everyone...down from $159. Guess I'll be sure to register warranty and keep my receipt!


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                    I have been using my PC for about 2 years now. No problems at all. I added another hose so I am not working close to it because of the noise. Small spray guns, Impact wrenches and all types of nailers have never been a problem for it.
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                      Akita - where did you hear they have the tendency to explode?

                      Also, has anyone tried the new dealt series of trim compressors (hotdog)? They have a 2 gallon model (2CFM @ 90psi) and a 1 gallon model (0.75 CFM @ 90psi).

                      Can't find any online reviews, but they run pretty quietly (about 69db)!


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                        My solution for the noise is use a long hose and put the compressor in another room (or outside). It works great for the 3" framing nailer, however I am using it infrequently and not professionally. I have four guns (finish, brad, frame, and staple) and I am very happy with the results. The accessory package is good for a tire or ball pump, and can be used to do beach toys if you get tried of blowing (especially after a few beers by the pool).