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    I registered online in my e box but do not have the receipt or upc code. Would be nice to get the LSA.
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      Originally posted by Ken R View Post
      To the best of my knowledge the Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement is not a warranty. It is an additonal Service agreement offered by Ridgid upon registrations and completion of the requirements and is not connected to their warranty. While you may not have to register for the warranty I believe that you must register for the LSA as it is not a warranty and therefore is not covered by that ruling. YMMV

      They can call it what they want. But it looks like a warranty and acts like a warranty. I'm sure the law in certain states probably accounts for it. I'd imagine some lawyer in California has probably prepared a lawsuit and is just waiting for a plaintiff.


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        If there was an ambulance chaser in CA who really thought he could make a buck off a lawsuit of this kind, he/she would have already "found" a plaintiff and filed the suit.
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          I had almost the exact same problem as the person who started this thread. I sent in all the information, several weeks go by, and I never heard anything back. I called them and they told me to resend the information, minus the upc because I had already sent that in. I waited another six weeks and still nothing. I called them back and this time they had me fax the information. So I faxed it and it's still not right. They have me down as having two drills and no recip saw. Refaxed the information and that was three weeks ago and it has still not been fixed. I originally purchased the items in August and sent the information in the next day, and here I am in December.

          Atleast the drill and batteries are on there, those were what I use the most anyway. I'll have to give them a call again and see if I can't get it fixed. If I can get this solved, it will be worth it for a lifetime warranty.

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            I hope Josh can get this LSA "agreement" "warrenty" thing fixed it's really a SHAME Ridgid makes you jump through hoops to even get it, then they dont even bother to apply it to your tools. I had to fight to get my wheels on my bandsaw replaced after spending alot of my hard earned money on things like link belts, urathane tires, plywood ,(to stiffen up the base) to stop vibration that all along was because of badly off balanced wheels.( NOT a good way to drum up RE-sales) I'm glad this subject came up, after sending in all my info as your suppose to do, I never looked closely at my ebox to notice there was a seperate thing for the LSA, I figured I did MY part to the letter, to recieve it. I feel I should NOT have to start jumping through hoops all over once again. Not sure if i'll buy anymore Ridgid tools myself. Seems like the woodworking end is run half a**ed to me. IMHO. (Maybe Ridgid should hire ME. I'll get em OUT of HD and in every woodworking store across the country and DEMAND better Quality Control from the manufacturers. Setup online sales. Expand the woodworking line, with a few Tablesaws the "contractor" the "Hybrid" and the "Cabinet" models, "contractor" model could stay in HD, but the others would compete with the likes of the Delta UNI , the many "Hybrids" market, a much better design for todays woodworker than the old contractor styles of yesterday. A Lucrative market I might add, expanding alot by all manufacturers of woodworking tools. I mean if your serious about getting into the woodworking field, you need more than just an Entry level TS .IMHO.
            The website should have just as much emphasis on the Woodworking Tools as do the Plumbing tools.IMHO
            Look at what Orion is doing, started selling in Sears as Craftsman a NICE TS at a fair price,(Made even better with huge sales run regularly) now going with there own line "STEEL CITY" THATS Marketing, Maybe Ridgid should Hire a guy like ME, to think OUTSIDE the box, a guy with NO experience, just the LOVE of Tools, QUALITY tools. CALL me Ridgid, We can talk. PM me i'll give you my phone # )


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              Hey Josh, Has the LSA thing been fixed yet? And I was Serious about the job thing too. Let me know on both. Thanks.
              Originally posted by Josh View Post
              Guys, I am checking into this. I'll see whats up and what can be done about not having the original reciepts anymore.



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                LSA should be up and running as of a week ago. Anyone still having any problems?



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                  Originally posted by Josh View Post
                  LSA should be up and running as of a week ago. Anyone still having any problems?

                  i mailed in the upc and reciepts for

                  Item Purchase Date

                  CM1450 View Requests 07/01/2006

                  EB4424 Create Request 12/29/2006

                  R2600 Create Request 11/10/2006

                  R883 Create Request 11/05/2006

                  TS2400LS Create Request 07/01/2006

                  R932 Create Request 11/04/2006

                  24 Volt XLi (Lithium Ion) Battery 1 Create Request 11/04/2006

                  24 Volt XLi (Lithium Ion) Battery 2 Create Request 11/04/2006

                  24V XLi CHARGER SINGLE PORT Create Request 11/04/2006

                  R859 Create Request 11/04/2006

                  R851150 Create Request 11/04/2006

                  R854 Create Request 11/04/2006

                  R855 Create Request 11/04/2006
                  and still nothing.


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                    LSA = eBox(?)

                    Originally posted by Josh View Post
                    LSA should be up and running as of a week ago. Anyone still having any problems?

                    Hey Josh -

                    By "LSA" do you mean getting into the online eBox? I registered my TS3650 via eBox last week, and it went OK. And I just now logged into my eBox account and see the saw is still there.
                    But I do need to send in the paperwork, and I'm wondering if a copy of the UPC is acceptable or not...what if there is a problem later getting work done through the LSA, and I don't have a UPC...?

                    - djb

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                      Nothing that I have registered has been updated with the LSA designation. The combo kit (R932) was purchased in November as well as the R883(free tool).

                      Is there anything that could be done for tools that were not registered within the time limit after purchase?



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                        I can't even register online it just timing out waiting for
                        What am I doing wrong? I have been trying to do this for a couple of weeks now. I am getting very frustrated. I bought a ridgid drill specifically for this warranty then find out I have to jump through all these hoops. Whats the point of registering online if you still have to send in the paperwork anyway?
                        Any help would be appreciated.


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                          through some research we have found that netscape does not work with ebox. Please always use IE whenever possible. Firefox also works but IE is recomended.



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                            Well, I have to say I have been irresponsible. This is my first post on the RIDGID forums so bear with me. I originally purchased a RIDGID cordless combo tool set to avoid confusion with my Dad and brothers Dewalt tools. I was very impressed with the reliability and durability so, all of my recent purchases (the last three years) have been RIDGID. (12 inch sliding Mitre saw, mitre saw work table, router/plunger combo, 1/4 sheet sander) However, I have failed to register all of my tools. I have had no problems with any of my tools but, I would like to register the tools I have. I no longer have the UPC's but, all of the paper work and receipts are on file. Is there a chance I will be able to register for the Lifetime warranty?


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                              Why not call Ridgid Customer Service and see if something can be worked out. I'm hoping that if you do have your receipt from HD that they may waive the UPC requirement.

                              You sound like a very reasonable guy so bear in mind that you failed to properly register your tools in the first place. If Ridgid won't waive the UPC and you can't register for the LLSA it's your fault not theirs.
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                                Keep in mind that UPC's aren't like serial numbers. Just take your digicam to HD and snap pics of the ones you need. Do you need to cut them out and send them, or do you just need to enter them into the website?