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Bad Ridgid

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    Originally posted by Wild Weasel View Post
    ..........Do you need to cut them out and send them,........
    Yes, you do.
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      I did the following to register my tools for the LSA and it worked perfectly: 1)registered each tool online through my Ridgid Ebox. 2) Mailed Ridgid a copy of the receipt with an arrow pointing to the transaction of the tool being registered. Two months later, I received my LSA card in the mail. (I never mailed a UPC label to Ridgid on any of my tools) I was advised by Ridgid CS to hold onto the LSA card at all cost as it was proof that the tools noted in the Ebox were now covered by the LSA. Am I missing something?
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        Thanks guys.

        I may be mistaken but even if you register on the website you still have to send a copy of the receipt and UPC in. Hopefully I will be able to work this out with someone in customer service. I fully understand it is my fault for not registering. I generally am too excited about the purchase of a new tool to worry about "little" things like lifetime warranties.........

        I look forward to discussing real projects on this forum. It seeams like a wealth of information.


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 are correct regarding the receipt, but not the upc. If you complete the mail in forms, those do ask for teh upc. Such is not the same for the online registration via an Ebox.
          there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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            Well, after 2 months and 28 days the tools I registered in my eBox last year are finally cleared for LSA. I just got emails for them all today. I had planned to give them 3 months before I started calling so guess they just slid in under the wire. That was from October, so those above who submitted in November may be coming up soon....

            However for those tools and the tools I have registered in the past I have never gotten a card or anything in the mail like it seems others have.
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              wws, my card showed up after the tools in my eBox were listed as covered under the LLSA. It's probably all done at the same time and hopefully your card is somewhere in the USPS system. If it doesn't show up fairly soon, I'd give Ridgid Customer Service a call and tell them to send you a duplicate.
              Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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                Re: Bad Ridgid

                After waiting about three months, I just received the lifetime service agreement on my R851150 24V drill. Very satisfied with the tool. Used it the other day to drill through concrete and screw in a bunch of drywall screws without recharging the battery.