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Try to register new tool on eBox.

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  • Try to register new tool on eBox.

    Has anyone been successful registering a new tool in eBox recently? I login to my eBox and select “Add Another Item” and get half a web page displayed and a yellow triangle in the status bar of Internet Explorer with the message “Error on Page”. This occurred on Dec 10th and Dec 11th. I called Ridgid on Dec 11th and was told they were changing the web page and to try later that night. This is Dec 12th and the page still fails to load. I have tried this on two computers with the same results.

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    I can't even get to my eBox. What route did you take to get to yours?
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      it's still down. i had some success over the weekend (during a brief window), but that is no longer the case.

      i could access it, but couldn't add an item
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        I am able to access my eBox without problem, but do see that some new nail guns I purchased and registered a couple of months ago still do now show registered for the LSA. Hopefully they are moving slow again or the website is not updating....
        Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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          I go to and click on MyEbox. It automatically recognizes me and logs me in. Then click on My eBox. I can now see all my registered items. This screen has the "Add Another Item" box. When this box is clicked the page only half loads and displays the yellow triangle and "Error on page".


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            Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
            I can't even get to my eBox. What route did you take to get to yours?
            There is a link on the bottom of the forums main page that works for me.
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              Working the Issue

              I apologize for the delay. We are working this issue and should hopefully have it up and running very soon. Thanks to everyone for their patience.