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Ridgid AC 4020 Flexpress air hose

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  • Ridgid AC 4020 Flexpress air hose

    I noticed this air hose today @HD:

    it's super nice, does anybody have one? It's a little pricey at $40, but seems worth it.

    Any thoughts on it? Please, only respond if you own one or have used one, the speculation is getting out-of-control here.

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    Cheeky, I actually have that air hose. I bought it when I got my PC framing nailer. I mostly chose it as it was either that or a another type that I don't recall at the moment which I wasn't impressed with. I was in a rush and no other choices. I must say I have been pleased with it thus far and no complaints. I haven't exactly been dragging it through various jobsites, but have used it plenty in finishing my basement as well as in the garage for various RV/vehicle use. So far it has survived both temperature extremes, all the craziness in the basement, and my 3-year old "assistant" just fine!
    Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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      While I don't have that exact hose, I have used a GoodYear hose that's close to it called Insta-Grip 250 with very good luck. What's nice is that the special fittings (They are not the standard kind so please be careful) just force press into the end of the hose. The hose has a special inside tube with lots of braded reinforcement over it and a good outside tube. GoodYear has several grades of this product. The Ultra-Grip is a super duty hose that few of us would ever have a need for. I bet any of us would like the Ridgid product if we tried it. What's real nice is that you can get a "mender" fitting with two barbed ends. If you damage your hose, just cut out the bad part and using the "mender" put it together again and in most cases with only a few inches gone. You can also buy the male and female ends and make up 2 shorter hoses out of one. I love not having to have any special crimping tools. This kind of hose is much nicer on your hands too. Be sure it has a working pressure rating of 200PSI or higher and that on the wrapper it says "oil resistant". I will say that the GoodYear one I used which is 3/8" ID with basic 1/4 NPT male ends costs a bit more than the Ridgid. It has held up very well. I bet that WWSmith really likes his. Hope this helps and the link below is for the GoodYear industrial hose catalog. I must warn that it's one big .PDF file so give it time to download if you want it.


      There's lots of good reading there.


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        I like the 1/4" polyurethane hoses - nice and light...


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          ww and newman,

          thanks for the reassurance mates. i'm going to pick one up


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            Re: Ridgid AC 4020 Flexpress air hose

            I bought the flexpress at HD it has been reduced to 29.99 However I have been unable to locate the flexpress fittings. One of the selling points of the hose is that repairs can be done without clamps. Like I said I have been unable to locate the flexpress fittings, seems that HD only carries Husky or some other no-name brand of fitting. 1/4 in. is excellent for finish and smaller air guns.