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  • 24 volt battery

    I have recently purchased a new 24 volt ridgid kit and am pleased with my purchase but would love to have an extra battery. I checked my local Home Depot and have also checked online and cannot find where to purchase just a 24volt battery. If anyone knows where I could find one that would be a great help. Thanks

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    Ridgid hasn't released the 24V battery yet...or the 18V Lithium.

    Unfortunately, Ridgid hasn't seemed to release the 24V or 18V Lithium batteries yet. Hopefully soon. In the meantime there are lots of them on Ebay from people buying sets and selling them piecemeal.


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      Thank you I was hoping to buy new so I can get the Ridgid Lifetime service agreement, but if the are not soon released it looks like i'll be e-baying it. Thanks again