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TS3650 Front Rail and Rip Fence

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  • TS3650 Front Rail and Rip Fence

    I have just finished putting together my new TS3650 table saw and I have a question regarding the scale on the front rail. On page 21 of the instructions it says to "Align the front rail with the 7-1/8 inch mark on the right side rip scale with the right edge of the cast iron table top." However, if you look at Fig. 21 it shows the right edge of the table top being lined up with 7-1/16 mark. Does anyone have any advice?


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    I don't have a TS3650 but maybe this stcky in the Woodworking forum of this site may help you ... assembly tips for the TS3650, unless you have already seen it.

    If that does not help, I have read that many have downloaded the pdf file of the manual from the Ridgid site as it seems to be more clear than one provided with the table saw.


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      Just put mine together a week ago; 7 1/8" aligned with right side of top. Double checked this once everything was tightened and after I verified all alignments. Used metal ruler to verify tape measurement indicated on the rail gave me that actual gap to inside of blade tooth. Good luck

      PS - Boudreaux from where?


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        Thanks for the info Cobra909. I also lined my up with the 7 1/8" mark but I was cutting everything 1/8" short. I figured that to be exactly right I will need to set my saw at 7 3/16". I'm from Alabama but picked up the name while living in Homer, LA.


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          Hope you guys noticed that the indicator on the fence (the clear plastic piece with the line on it) is also adjustable to get it to exactly right.
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