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1-7/8" hose compatible with standard dewalt sander?

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  • 1-7/8" hose compatible with standard dewalt sander?

    I have a dewalt sander and need a vac that will hook up to the dust collect outlet. I like the looks of the ridgid propac and 4 gal 5hp models because my truck space is limited, but I can't seem to find any mention online or at my HD of a 1-7/8" to 1-14" adapter. Am I missing something obvious here?

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    You're not alone in finding it difficult to hook up your sander, or any other tool for that matter, to those vacs with their odd sized hose. People have used different kinds of adapters to make the connection but basically you need to come up with a solution on your own that best fits your particular situation. I'll bet someone will post an idea or two for you.
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      There are a ton of adapters out there, check HD, woodcraft, pennstate, rockler, and Grainger. One of them might have something that works for you.
      I have a Ridgid sander that came with the adapter to use with their vacs. You'd think all sanders would have some adapter to connect to a vac, vac hoses are fairly standard.


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        Hmm. I wonder if it's worth the trouble. I'm sure I can j-rig something but I am a little irritated at the 1-7/8 thing. My sander does come with a 1-1/4 and 2 and 2-1/2 hook up, but having to screw around and build my own reducer after paying $100 for a vac.... The main use for the thing will be to suck up the sander dust, with second being general clean-up, so I may just go for a brand that is compatible out of the box.

        What a strange decision to come up with a new hose size. To ensure ridgid accessories are bought I suppose? It may just backfire in this case.
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          You could try one of these from Ridgid (available at HD), but there are other choices.

          Craftsman (and maybe others) sells a smooth tapered nozzle (NOT like the stepped one shown above) which you could probably cut to just the right diameter. I just looked and didn't find it online, so maybe it is no longer offered, but I could swear I have seen them in both HD and Sears in the past couple months.
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            I think this might be what Bob has in mind. It's normally used for blowing and is made for what they call 2-1/2" hose that's really much closer to 2" inside diameter. I hate that some companies just can't use standard hoses. An idea that I would try is to make up some sort of an adaptor so you can use 1-1/4" hose with your vacuum cleaner. You might take a pocket ruler with you and look at PVC plumbing fittings. Sometimes we have to make our own custom items. Please take a look at the picture in my JPG file. I have seen these at Home Depot, Lowes and Sears. Also some ACE hardware stores have them. Maybe the door is open for someone to make up a special hose adaptor so that others with this same problem can have a good way to work around this issue.

            If you like this cone shaped attachment or if anyone else happens to want one and just can't find it locally, it can be ordered directly from ShopVac. This link should take you to their online accessories. (converters) (The cone attachment that's normally for blowing, but can be used for anything you wish to use it for.)
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              If its just for sanding I'd try and find one of these:
              It's a Tool vac, not a small W/D vac.
              I've been sanding boats with one for almost ten years. Unlike the propac it has a power actuator receptacle(The vac comes on with the sander and off when you turn the sander off.) It's light weight and powerful for its size. There are even Hepa filters available for it(at least there were, I bought a bunch some time ago at a discount from HD and haven't needed any lately.
              No adapter needed,(Porter-Cable ROS) although mine came with two when I purchased it. It seemed pricey at the time, but no one else had anything comparable and its proven extremely reliable. I don't know why Rigid discontinued it. Try e-bay or search for Rigid TV3000 Tool Vac.

              Best Regards, Barry
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                Thanks guys. I'm new to this site and already addicted. That Rigid TV3000 Tool Vac looks perfect, but I can't find one anywhere yet. I think I will go with the ridgid because I love their vacs and the size of the propack. I'll look into getting an adapter that I can make work.

                Thanks for the suggestions and any more on this topic would be great!
                A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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                  I have a Ridgid Provac and I went to the plumbing section of Home Depot and found a rubber reducer with clamps that I use with my Ridgid vac and Ridgid orbital sander. It's not the solution I was looking for, but it works.


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                    How do you like the vac aside from that? I heard the filter sits kind of low so it clogs pretty quick. Have you had any problems? Would you reccomend it?

                    A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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                      I like the vac very much. I've used it as a drywall sander with the setup that I mentioned in my previous reply. Drywall dust does clog somewhat quickly, but I blow out the filter frequently so I maintain the dust-free sanding. I've also used it as a wet vac once when I got a little water in my basement. As a wet vac it fills very quickly. The machine is light enough to carry around when doing odd jobs and powerful enough to handle whatever i've thrown at it. All-in-all, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a portable vac for home or jobsite. Portable is probably the key here. The bigger machines will have more power and handle more volume.


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                        It Takes A Standard Hose!

                        Thanks! I decided to get it last night at HD. I've never spent this much time researching a fricken tool is so difficult to get answers. I emailed RIDGID, asked about four or five HD workers (I think I would have got more helpful answers at the movie theater), searched this and other forums for hours. Anyway, I was surprised to find out the intake on the pro-pac is standard! I thought the intake was 1-7/8" as well. So I got the 2-1/2" to 1-1/4" reducer hose just for hooking up to tools and I'm ready to go.

                        Unless I overlooked I would suggest to Ridgid to include the intake size in the descriptions of the vacs, because all of this was due to my assuption that 1-7/8 was the only hose compatable with the vac.

                        Thanks for the tips and thoughts guys, finding this forum made the research worth it in the end.
                        A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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                          Originally posted by woodenstickers View Post
                          .........I've never spent this much time researching a fricken tool before...
                          I find that aspect of my tool buying to be the fun part. And, the best part is that after I've made my purchase I know that I've purchased the best tool for my particular needs.
                          I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                            That's great that the intake is of the standard size. I haven't personally seen that exact model but soon I'll have to take a good look. I agree that Ridgid should have that info both on the box and web site.