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    There a a few items id like to get for my Ridgid collection of quality tools and can't seem to find them. a guide for my R2900 router would be great. and a dado blade insert for theTS2400 is a necessity for Can ya help me find these?

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    Same questions as dbgmopar except I have the 3650 TS. Ridgid seems to be lacking in providing accessories for their power tools. I'm looking for guides to go along with my router combo kit (R2900 motor, R2910 fixed base, R2920 plunge). Also, additional attachments for the TS (I have the Mule Router Table).

    I there some company that provides Ridgid compatable accessories?



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      I would make my own ZCI (search the forum for tips on how) but if you must by one the AC1035 is a ZCI for the 2400, AC1025 is a 7" molding head insert and a AC1030 is a 8" molding head insert. I believe the AC1045 is a ZCI for the 3650.
      You can get them here just search for the P/N


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        I also have the R2900 Router Combo. Home Depot carries a Porter-Cable edge guide that is a perfect fit for this router. Guide bushings are available from several sources and again, those designed for Porter-Cable routers will fit the Ridgid base that has the small access hole. Since the supplied bases are interchangeable between the two bases, this should give you the choice of using the P-C guide bushings with either either base.

        On page 22 of the owner's manual, there is a list of five accessories, three of which don't have part numbers. There's also a note saying the edge guide is only available through customer service.... It appears that TTI and Home Depot isn't up to the task of supplying accessories for this tool. While I think this is a great router, it's promotion seems a bit lacking IMO. Buy the P-C guide, and look for P-C compatible template guides and bushings elsewhere, I think it's a lot easier.

        I hope this helps,



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          Thanks CWS for the information on the PC guide. I'll check out my local HD.

          Thanks wbrooks, I also made my own insert.

          Anyone know where I can get a stock clamp to fit the Rigid Miter guage, and a tenon guide?