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    Bought a ridgid 10 inch table saw ts3650, seems comments on this site where more pro than con because of price. I received a $200.00 credit after purchasing commercial credit card At Home Depot. Being a newbie I would like to know your opions on a dust collector for this saw and what you might be using. Cost would be a factor. Is it possible to use a trash bag with a clamp? Any opions or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


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    Hi Waxman,

    Welcome to the Forum and congratulations on your new table saw.

    Regarding your question about using a trash bag attached to the exhaust shute of your saw, I don't believe that will work. Vacuum bags and other collection systems require a bag that filters the air exhaust, allowing the air to escape and filtering (and collecting) the sawdust, thus keeping it in the bag. With a plastic bag, it will simply work like a balloon, trapping the air to a point where it will reach an internal pressure that will balance and overcome the saw's ability to push more air into the bag.

    I don't use a dust collector system (yet), but do use a shop vac. Problem with that is that it can fill rather quickly if doing a lot of cutting. There is a dust collection thread already in progress under the "Tips and Techniques" heading:

    Merry Christmas,

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      The 3650 has so many holes that air would not be an issue.
      A trash bag would pretty much only catch chips and large dust particles, the smaller ones would end up all over your shop and in your lungs. I have a good DC yet I still use a respirator since my saw(ridgid 3612) is not the greatest saw to use with a DC, even with most of the holes plugged up.


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        I use a shop vac connected to the dust port on mine at the moment. I would say if cost is a factor, that would be the cheapest approach and probably work better than just a trash bag as others have already mentioned. A good DC system would probably be better, but could require additional effort and setup to get good dust collection on your saw as others here have done. I will eventually end up going that route next year as my shop comes together.
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          Welcome and congrats on the new saw. As others have replied, I use a Ridgid shop vac attached to the dust port on mine. And I do agree with CWSmith, it fills rather quickly. I'm looking into a DC system for next year.

          Happy Christmas and Merry New Year
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