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  • condor switches

    I am working on a hitachi ec12 it uses a condor switch mdr21 120psi, I attemted to intsall a condor switch provided by Campbell Hausfeld mdr21 120psi all the numbers are the same although the unloader valves are different. when the switch shut off the unloader is popping open bleeding air. THIS IS NOT A CHECK VALVE PROBLEM as I have checked it already. I removed the unloader valves and they are spring loaded in different directions from one switch to the other and they are not interchangable. As the swithes have the same numbers how do you figure which switch to use or can you only use the switches Supplied by Hitachi. In advance Thank you

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    Did it bleed down the tank, or just the compressor? If it kept beeding until the tank was at 0 PSI gauge pressure, either that model really needs 2 check valves in some manor or the main check valve needs to be checked again. I need to see that model air compressor in person to see what you really have to deal with, but the normal setup is that all air that goes into the tank goes through a single check valve. The cylinder head(s) will have vent ports that are connected to the pressure switch bleed port-valve through 1/4" OD (normally but not always) soft copper tubing. When the switch opens cutting power, the relief valve (part of pressure switch) opens, but only the compressor bleeds off. Does this one have 2 or more connections between the compressor and tank(s)? It might be to your advantage (using care and careful thought) to convert this one over to the more standard setup. I'll take a look in Lowes soon to see if they have this model on display. Web site pictures aren't good enough for me to see the exact plumbing. It may be that Hitachi has a special and unique pressure switch and you'll have to order it through them. If the machine was mine, I would try to convert it over to a more standard arangement and a Square D or other easy to obtain pressure switch.

    Please do tell more. Now I really am courious about the design. I'll try to see one of them soon and may post more based on what I find out. Don't go to any bother, but do you have any good pictures that really show the machine in detail?


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      It is a portable, The switch looks to be a standard condor except for the overload valve , the tank is connected directly to the switch, the over load tube runs to the outside of the check valve which is also connected to the cyl head. the old switch will not shut off. when I replaced it it shuts off but the over load trips, rather than bleeding just the pressure of the cyl head it is draining the tank. I checked the check valve and even installed a tighter spring just to check it, it made no difference. I removed the valves from both the new and old switches and they are blocking air in opposit directions, I dont know how the hitachi is set up but it looks like it works in reverse which confuses the hell out of me.


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        I appreciate your help. I feel like an *** it turns out I had the switch Hitachi called for after intstalling it found it does work in reverse. after coming up to pressure the check valve equalizes it against the tank pressure after it opens rather than seperating it from the tank pressure. I have never seen anything like it but after the amount of time I spent working on it will not forget.


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          Don't feel bad. Some companies just have to do things different from the normal way. I'm glad you got it working again.