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Sorting out the 18v battery types

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  • Sorting out the 18v battery types

    I'm new to Ridgid tools.
    I'm a little confused about the 18v battery types.
    I have Max 2.5 Ah.
    Are these the latest bateries?
    What are the Max HC?
    Are they better than the Max 2.5 Ah?

    I have the 18v X2 hammer drill, reciprocating saw, 6 1/2" circular saw, flashlight, single port charger & jigsaw. I want the 18v planer.
    Any advice?

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    do a search for the myriad of battery topics

    the 18v hc battery is rated at 1.9AH
    the newer 18v is rated at 2.5AH
    they are both nicad batteries

    you may want to do a search on this forum as there are many interesting posts discussing the batteries and chargers
    in fact, I recently posted my review [opinion] of the dual charger VS the single charger. I also discussed the hc 1.9AH and the 2.5AH battery and my experience.

    I have the planer and it does run longer with the 2.5AH battery

    Cactus Man


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      4 types of 18v batteries.

      There are 4 types of 18V batteries.

      Before the MaxHC, there was a plain black battery that was 1.4AmpHr (if I recall correctly.)

      The MaxHC came out at 1.9AmpHr.

      The Max2.5 is 2.5AmpHr and is currently the largest NiCad Ridgid makes...quite possibly the end of the NiCad line too.

      Finally, Ridgid has shown a Lithium-Ion 18V battery on their MaxSelect tool packages but it hasn't been released yet. I assume it will be compatible with current 18V tools...or worst case, be compatible with a small modification (some people have posted that they've used the 24V Li-Ion battery with their 18V tools...though I would recommend against that.) Believe the 18V Lithium-Ion is 3AmpHr.

      There is a "battle of the batteries" just like there has been a battle of tool voltages....ramping up from the old 9.6V manufacturers are selling 24V drills...and even 36V drills. The Max2.5 was an answer to DeWalts XRP which is 2.2AmpHr. The biggest pre-Lithium battery I've seen is Panasonic's 3.5AmpHr NiMh.
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        More On Battery Types

        So the Max 2.5 Ah is the most powerful NiCad battery at 2.5 Ah?
        The MaxHC is 1.9 Ah?


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          in a word "yes"

          The 12v 2.5AH is "more powerful than the 12v 1.9AH [HC model]


          formula is: power equals voltage times current

          Now in the real world what does all that mean?

          Well, if you properly treat your battery you'll get that extra screw installed before having to run and change the battery.
          you have many variables in determining which battery will last longer etc.

          Type task at hand, charge condition of the battery, temperature, tool being used, setting of tool, ... you get the idea.

          From my limited experience I strongly suggest if you are climbing up on the roof to do a task..put a fresh battery into the tool. This way you'll get that last task finished without having to make a second trip!
          Murphy says "if you use a tool with a battery that has been in that tool and not used for a while, or the tool was used prior to the task at hand, the battery will die as you do the last task!"

          Cactus Man
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            2.5 is about 30% more power than 1.9

            2.5 is about 30% more power than 1.9. Which means you will be able to do about 30% more work on a full charge. You will be able to drive 130 screws...instead of 100...etc.