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  • Llsa

    I bought the R9223, the 5 piece kit this summer. After finally being able to log into my e-box after the website upgrade. I noticed that my 5 piece kit still isn't in there. I know that I sent it in but I do not know the date I did and I did not copy what I sent in. Looking at my receipt it was 8/13/2006 so it is too long to send it in again. My brad nailer is in my e box and that was bought on 7/15/2006. Is it normal for it to take this long when it is mailed in versus done online. Is there anything I can still do?

    The LLSA played a part in buying Ridgid and without it would be a big loss.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I'd call Customer Service and see what they can tell you. From other postings, I am under the impression that Ridgid is pretty lenient with the time frame regarding registration, especially if there is a problem. Best thing you can do is give them a call.



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      It took over 10 weeks to get my TS registered. Don't stress too much, they are probably just backlogged.