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  • Battery Charging

    What is the best way to maintain the Max 2.5 Ah batteries?
    Should they be completely discharged before recharging?
    What is the best wat to maximize battery life & power.
    I go long periods of time without using my tools, and then may use them heavily for a few days, or may just use them for a couple of tasks.

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    If they are nh. If you don't use them frequently it is best to keep them copletely charged, if you use them alot it is best to disharge them until you notice a decrease in performance then charge. Do not completely discharge.


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      Peter, I don't use my 18v tools everyday either.(weekend warrior you know). I've had my hammer drill for 2 hurricane seasons now and the batteries are just like new. I usually slap the battery in the charger while I'm cleaning up the shop and it's done charging before I'm done cleaning. Then I store the battery detached from the drill until I need it again. Works for me.


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        1) do not discharge them until they are completely dead
        2) do not charge them while they are hot/warm
        3) don't expose them to extreme cold or heat

        these are the basic rules for Nicads and NiMH batteries.

        Amazon has some good info, I'm sure there are even better sites
        as pertaining to battery usage.


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          Read the instructions for your charger carefully and know the quirks of the battery type. Some chargers trickle charge and have a maintenance mode on the charger so they can be left on it indefinately and keep them it topped off and conditioned. Others don't and the battery must be removed soon after charged or they will overcharge until damaged. Never fully discharge a battery either as it can irreversibly damage the cells. Store NiCD and NiMH batteries fully charged and in a cool place. If you don't use them for long periods of time you should put them back in the charger probably at least around every month to avoid letting them fully draining over time. NiCD looses charge very quickly over a period of days or weeks. Lithium batteries on the other hand are best stored for extended periods of time at about half charge to extend their life. Never fully discharge a lithium battery as it will almost certainly damage the cells.