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Right blade for my R3200

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  • Right blade for my R3200

    I purchased the R3200 reconditioned from a cummins industrial tool sale at the local VFW. Getting it home and assembled, I noticed that the blade that it came with has a diamond hole in it, but the arbor for the saw seems to be round. Is this correct? The diagram of the blade in the manual shows a circular hole in the center of the blade. When setting it up, it was hard to get the blade centered so that it would not hit the blade guard at any time during a full rotation. Did I get the wrong blade in the kit, of am I doing this right? If I need a new blade, any suggestions as to type to use for cutting cabinet grade plywood? I am making a bunch of built ins in my basement which I am finishing, but few if any of the plywood will be visible (Covered by side walls and face frames.) Any insight into this would be greatly apprecieated.

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    Please do NOT use it the way it is. You must have the proper size round hole in the blade or you're going to get hurt. What happened is that some blades have both the diamond and round holes. They have a knock-out with the round hole in it. Once knocked out you're stuck with the diamond shape hole. Some arbors were/are made for them. You'll need to remove and replace the blade with one that has the proper size hole and that's the correct outside diameter.