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Exactline isn't even close

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  • Exactline isn't even close

    Just bought a 1290. Fortunatly, I didn't have any tracking problems others have complained about and after switching to the 100 tooth blade, it's giving me better results than my old DeWalt 708. The main problem is the exactline being off, close to an 1/8". After reading some reviews on the saw, it seems that getting an exactline laser that is accurate, is luck of the draw. Has anybody had any luck getting an accurate replacement from Ridgid or Homedepot? My other thought was to open up the unit and put a shim behind the laser unit. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    This thread about arbor mounted lasers pretty much says it all.
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      ALL arbor mounted centrifigul action lasers projectthe beam down the side of the blade. Put the laser line beside the mark you want to cut and it is right on the money. Brand, size, color, or sexual orietation makes no difference. That is how they work.
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