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Makita Lithium 6 Piece Tool Set

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  • Makita Lithium 6 Piece Tool Set

    I just got a heck of a deal on a Makita 6 piece Lithium set. I am wanting to know what you guys think of the Makita Lithium line? Is it as good or better than the others out including Ridgid. I also picked up the Ridgid 4 piece set so I have to decide which one to keep.


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    I think the Makita Lith ion kit is one of the best all around weight/power/size/endurance combination of any 18v group currently out there. The tools are very nice quality and extremely well designed. I currently have both Makita LXT and Dewalt 18v XRP kits. I think most of the Dewalt tools pack a bit more punch the the LXT's but I find myself reaching for the Makita more often because for a lot of work the lighter weight, smaller size and longer runtime is a huge advantage.


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      I don't have the 6 piece kit but do have the hammer drill impact driver kit and I can that since I got the Makita kit drill from my Ridgid kit has been collecting dust in the bag.


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        I've read a few reports that have worried me on the new Makita Lithium lineup.

        I've read a few reports that have worried me on the new Makita Lithium lineup. Read a couple cases of the saws burning up. Here are a few excerpts from Amazon reviews.

        "while i was very happy at first with this set i now am experiencing problems. the first major problem is that the high speed range of the hammer drill went out after only 10 months of not only happened to me but also to a person i work with.......problem number 2 is that these lithium ion batteries dont seem to want to work in colder temperatures...."

        Can't seem to find the ones about saw problems. I do like the small size of their 18V line...and the 4 pole motor technology...pretty cool. With the Makita you get a much smaller and lighter tool than with Ridgid.


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          This 4-pole motor technology.. well it sounds great on paper, but I don't see any immediate advantage in the tool. The Makita hammerdrill, for instance, isn't eye-poppingly powerful (it's probably around average power for an 18V) nor is it particularly smaller than most 18Vs. The torque is high, but they did it by gearing down (only 300RPM max in low gear which will make for slow driving - most drills are at least 400-450RPM in 1st gear) It kind of "looks" shorter, but after standing it side by side another model (think it was a Milwaukee or DeWalt I forget now) in the store, it wasn't really THAT much shorter or smaller. Maybe only slightly shorter. The only thing it has going for it ,in my book, is that it's light, thanks to the battery.. other than that Makita doesn't get me that excited.. Plus I find their tendency towards the artsy fartsy graphic designs on the handle and body a big turn off. it's not as bad as Hitachi though. I know it's only cosmetic, but it's a tool, not a purse..y'know what I mean? lol


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            Thanks guys for your opinions. Now I will give you my opinion of the Ridgid 24 Volt Lithium set compared to the Makita 18 volt set after owning them both for a week now. Just for info I will put prices paid for the sets so you guys will know why in the world I bought them both.

            Ridgid 24 Volt (4 Piece) Lithium Kit $ 255.00

            Price is right for a kit of this type
            Drill good and strong with multiple settings
            Skill Saw adequate to say the most
            Rec. Saw does the job......

            Ergonamically could be better
            Battery life is not as advertised with three charges per battery so far
            Heavier than some other competiters
            Skill saw needs a big boost in RPM
            Rec. Saw little awkward feeling and honestly not that strong

            Makita 6 Piece lithium Kit ($367.00)

            Ergonamically fantastic
            Light weight and plenty of power
            Rec. Saw balanced well and plenty strong
            Skill saw still a little slow but seems to cut better than Ridgid
            Impact driver is fanatstic and will blow you away with the power
            Drill plenty of settings and just as strong as Ridgid but allot lighter in weight
            Side grinder is amazing and will do almost anything a plug in one will
            Led Lights on tools are a great added feature and plenty bright
            Battery life is two times that of the Ridgid out of the box.........

            Honestly I cannot think of any................
            Maybe could be 24 or 28 volt but really see no need...........



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              where did you get this kit for $367.00???? thats a great price- cost is it?


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                Originally posted by Sceeter W Wheels View Post
                This 4-pole motor technology.. well it sounds great on paper, but I don't see any immediate advantage in the tool.
                Yeah the 4 pole thing is really mostly a marketing thing. It definately does not offer any extra power. The tool is high average at best compared to any other high end 18v drills. If you don't need the absolute best specs its still a no nonsense reliable drill that lives up to expectations and gets the job done, even if its not at the top of its class. I think the 4 pole motor's advantage is really its efficiency. I must say that even for lithium batteries, I'm still blown away at just how long battery life is on the Makita drill. The batteries alone don't account for it. I think I have yet to actually find myself swapping batteries in the middle of an extended work run. Even the small white drill with the 1.5ah compact batteries can run for a very long time. I'm sure they run close to a comparable high capacity NiCd battery drill which is likely mostly attributable to the drill since the 1.5 a.h. battery has less endurance.


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                  I have the Makita 2 piece kit, saw, and grinder and they're the first tools everyone grabs over the Milwaukee and Ridgid kits we have.
                  The lights really are a great feature, a guy who installs access flooring panels just went out and got one after trying mine just for that feature alone.
                  Hope the saw holds up though.