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Hitachi vs. Makita impact drivers (Late models)

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    The panasonics have gotten great reviews everywhere I've seen them. I have been swayed that way just by what people have written about them. I also get the impression that they are on the outside of the fan-boy color wars (not so much an issue on this forum) that have people stating opinions based only on their brand bias...though that may not be true, I just get that feeling.

    If anyone comes out with a LI WITH a clutch I'll prolly bite, but I do think that depending on your application for it the minutia like a few hundred pounds of torque may not be as important as comfort and personal preference. I have got to use the makita, dewalt and a few others for pretty light duty driving screws and mostly just noticed how much I like them compared to my regular drill driver...And no complaints from the individual owners either. Keep us updated on your quest cuz I'm ready to pull the trigger soon too!
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      Seems like Panasonics are big favorites of people who mostly use the drills.

      Originally posted by screwit View Post
      Ok so maybe This thread should've been Panasonic vs Makita. It seems like Makita is a better on the job tool but the Panasonic is far more advanced. And im still confused about the old vs new panasonic, which one is the better of the two?
      The Panasonic drills have always been lighter than the competition and been quietly taking a beating day after day...with nary a whimper.

      I agree about impacts...once you use one you don't want to ever drive screws with a drill again.

      Suspect Panasonic got rid of the revolution control because it was an expensive feature that didn't sell a lot of impact drivers.

      I never tried the Panasonic impact but read somewhere they have great control. I think one review mentioned you could apply as little as a single impact with the trigger. The new gun also has the three levels of impact force...just like the old one. It doesn't have the feature where it will stop rotating after 1/2 revolution when it senses the screw slowing down, but you probably can control that fairly well by just slowing down as the screw bottoms.

      I see myself buying the new 14 volt Panasonic drill and driver set once they've been out a while and I can get one on a 10% or 20% off sale at Amazon or the like. Based on how little I use my 7 and a half pound 24 volt Ridgid drill now I suspect the Panasonic will get lots and lots of use (Use a 5 pound Ryobi One+ drill for most jobs because it is well as a One+ impact driver.)


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        Re: Hitachi vs. Makita impact drivers (Late models)

        Hilti has a 14.4 li-on impact on the way (sometime in April). LED lights, state of charge on battery, 2 year no cost warranty...


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          Re: Hitachi vs. Makita impact drivers (Late models)

          Personally, I went through a similar struggle a couple of months ago but I struggled with the whole kit decision.

          First I bought the Ridgid 18V kit thinking the lifetime warranty and battery replacement was a feather in the hat. Unfortunately, I was really never happy with the decision. So I returned the kit and went with the LI Makita kit. I don't regret that purchase one bit.

          I like Makita and have owned several other Makita products of which I have never had a problem with. I have never owned Hitachi so I can't give you an opinion there.

          My vote would be to go Makita.