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Ridgid R2600 or Bosch 1295DVSK

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  • Ridgid R2600 or Bosch 1295DVSK

    I am looking to buy a sander and have it down to the Ridgid R2600 and the Bosch 1295DVSK

    Any suggestions? Price is not really an issue (its a gift). I am just stuck here


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    I don't have any experience with the Bosch unit, but the specs indicate that it may have a slight edge in orbit diameter which may give it more agressive sanding. It is .8 amp less powerful though.

    One of the reasons I got mine was because it was light, a half pound lighter than the Bosch, and for me that was important. There are many times that I will sand on the vertical plane instead of turn my work piece and the 2600 is comfortable for me to do so.

    It gives a very nice finish as long as you work through the paper grades as we're supposed to.

    This is the first sander I've owned with a built in dust bag. Boy am I impressed. And, it works so good hooked up to my shop vac that I'm tempted to sand inside some day.
    Good luck in making your decision. Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure that it comes with the Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement too.
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