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Best Impact Driver Out?

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  • Best Impact Driver Out?

    Lets get to the bottom of this! What's your favorite driver out???
    wieght - power - battery longivity - reliabilty - other feature like lights and adjustable speeds, etc.
    I dont own one yet so I can't comment but I like the pansonics, hitachis and makitas best just from other reviews. Have you ever had experience with the best? You might have to prove it but...
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    ok the ridgid has the most advertized torqe by far at 1850 in lbs but is very heavy i also have the 18v makita and i find my self going for this one quiet often nice weight vs power and a long run time. i looked at the panasonics and i can't say i was overly impressed but the do have some nice features on them my friend has thw hitachi 14v ni cad and he loves it i have to say i kind of like it too i also know some one that has the de walt impact he loves it but i cant say that i do to me it is underpowered and over priced. so if it were me i would have to say if you are looking for a ni cad impact i would sujest the hitachi or the ridgid and if you want want the lith ion i would go with the makita. these are all really nice impact guns
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      I have the Ridgid, 14.4 V impact driver. It's torque is 1450 in.lbs, I believe. I find it easy to handle and of a size and weight that is easy to handle. It's certainly powerful enough for any of my assembly tasks.

      I can't compare it to anything else, but certainly the price, size, weight, and power are on target for me.



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        I also have the Ridgid 14.4 like CWS has and echo everything he said.
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          i said the ridgid is heavy i mean the 18 volt not the 14 the 14 is a joy to use the 18 becomes a beast
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            a hidden treasure?

            The panasonic seems to be winning my vote. Id like to know about the new ion driver from them. wonder how that is, looks real nice. very tempting to pick up!


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              Try a Ridgid

              On a large commercial construction project I used the 12V Ridgid side-by-side with a 14.4V DeWalt-shooting tech screws into purlins and the Ridgid kicked ***!
              I also used the Ridgid right-angle 12V impact driver and it worked very well. Hope this helps.