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Are the sparks normal?

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  • Are the sparks normal?

    Just purchased a Ridgid 24V Lithium Hammer drill and am noticing sparks within the motor housing. Is this normal? The sparks seem to be contained within the casing but I have noticed a couple shooting out. I'm just wondering if I should exchange for another.


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    it's okay.

    When I got my first cordless I saw the same thing and kinda freaked, but my foreman told me it was just the brand new brushes and not to worry. The drill lasted over 5 years of daily use, so I can't vouch for his explaination, but he was right when he told me not to worry. My subsequent drill/driver did the same and has lasted nearly as long as well. (both dewalt BTW)
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      The carbon motor brushes need to seat. This is part of breaking in a new tool. I've found that running the tool under no load a few minutes can really help with this and especially at about 1/2 speed. Normally the sparking pretty much goes away in 5 minutes or less. If not, you may need to have a repair tech check out your tool.


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        Are the sparks coming out when you release the trigger? If so, this is normal because the drill has a brake in it. The switch applys current in the opposite direction for a split second and that usually causes a spark from the brushes. If it is during general running as previously stated the carbons need to seat themselves.

        Wouldn't worry about it.

        Hope this helps
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          Yep normal on new tools for their break in period. If you get sparks on an old tool it's time to consider replaceing the brushes.


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            I just got one of these drills and it says in the manual that this is a normal part of the operation of the drill. It has to do with the brake. It is on page 19 bottom right under "NOTE:"